Last year the draw was released on November 2. No leaks at all yet? Anyone heard anything. Make no mistake, the fixture affects the season and gave Richmond it’s flag this year with their multiple MCG games and Melbourne games to end the season. So sometime this next week we should have the 2020 fixture. I hope to play at home Round one and for 5 interstate games instead of six.

I can never get remotely interested in the fixture. Certainly not in October.

And it’s irrelevant for Essendon anyway. Until we stop dropping games against bottom sides, a "tough or easy " fixture is totally meaningless.


Curious to know when we play Collingwood next season on ANZAC day.


3:20pm is my guess


And what a gorgeous timeslot too. It just screams “tradition” and “game of the people”. And the way it just rolls into the news…well… :clap:

It’s a very good question - what’s your thoughts on when we play Good Friday?

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Best bit is it helps to break the binding links to the past if we can away from the ditties that accompany the Gatorade Shower™️.

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But why is the game played on ANZAC Day?

when does AFLX happen?

asking for @SMJ

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Is the good Friday clash being alternated who’s home game it is? Ie - ours next year?

Don’t even think we’re locked in for it at all.

We only got it this year because of ANZAC day being the next week. Not sure we will continue to get it.

Tipping we’ll be playing Sydney early in the season away


Not usually a 3.20 game on a Saturday. I gather they will want it to be a stand alone game so maybe 4.30?

They’ll still need to play 3-4 games at least on the Saturday.

Edit. Just saw last time it happened that it was a 2.40pm start.

I’m with Saladin. I don’t give a fark who we play as long as we win. But this won’t stop me looking at the draw and pencilling in 14-17 wins as I usually do each year.


No. It’s the tin rattlers annual hand out day. The Good Friday matches against dogs, saints & now us have all been NM home matches. They needed Essendon to make it a sell out.


To raise money for the RSL???

You wernt around for “that” thread weren’t you?

I agree, soccer sucks.

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Some leaks are happening for the fixture. Apparently it’ll be Saints vs North round 1 at Marvel stadium.