Fk Hawthorn - semi finals thread

I want Hawthorn to lose SO FKN BAD.

FK off.


Ripping thread title

ALL dynasties come to an end at some stage.
Not saying it will definitely end tonight, but it very well could.

The Bulldogs will not fear them.
You may get your wish Stallion !


Bevvo should have just dropped Clarkson

Fark Hawthorn. Hope they lose after the siren after a dodgy free against Mitchell.

Yep beveridge wont put up with clarkson ■■■■.

Lets hope hawks lose a close one so the angry short man can puch some walls.

Hodge bandaged up before first bounce. So courageous.

Hodge will have a headband on by half time nothing surer.

Free kick Doggies

how good was that mark by daniel? off the picken kick.

It’s already started #freekickhawthorn. Disgraceful.

F off Dawks

Freak me Dikson.

ffs dogs, can you just do one good thing in your mediocre club’s even more mediocre history?

Awful from Boyd.

Too much to ask huh. Thanks Footscray.

Why does this stupid idiot club being up their last premiership every time they play finals. They stack the pressure on themselves every year.

Can’t see Footscray beating the umpires.