I voted liberal because I wanted to get me some of those sweet, sweet franking credits.


P.s still waiting, when do I get them?


I lose it at cars infront of me disobeying road rules then proceed to break said rules the next day.


Careful if there’s no lag.


I watch the World Cup cricket coverage and scoff disgustingly at how fat Ian Healy is.
All whilst shoveling stale potato chips into my mouth as my own ■■■■ gets bigger.



bruh, you know extra hot does sfa? right?

critiquing other peoples coffee preferences.



Not as critical as AT, but i haven’t been into a maccas or KFC or any of those kind of places for about 20 years.


I don’t drink craft beer.


Oh, and I always buy australian (if said product is available Australian made), except when it comes to beer


EDIT: I still drink australian beer, but I’ll also drink international beer.


Last time I was in America my cousins asked me which American beer they could get me.

I told them Heineken and that I knew full well that it was not an American beer, that’s just what I thought of american beers



The words “craft beer” are not a concept you can hate on, because it doesn’t represent one targetable thing, it means independently produced beer made with care about the ingredients, procedures, and removing the soulless factory element of turning maximum profit on a product at the expense of creativity, thought for employee conditions, and the strive for quality. The term covers an extremely wide range of styles, talents, procedures, and yes quality.

So next time you wanna dismiss it, try replacing the words “craft beer” with “independent music” and see if you can comprehend it better.

Case in point:

Pardon me, just applying a little #FLOGIC


[citation needed]


That guy had more teeth than I’ve ever seen.


Catching a glimpse of your reflection in a shop window and being reasonably impressed.



You should probably stop contributing now.


I keep thinking of reasons i’m a flog and then not posting them out of fear of being ridiculed.



I enjoy Crossfit.


I drive an Audi.



The last two are good ones.



Emoji FLOG


Me too, but never will I buy another.


ha - that’s very good