Footy journos hold popularity contest

At least we got three invites to the party. Some VERY dubious calls involving a certain silver tails club and I don’t mean Hibbo…

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Tom Lynch and Garlett ahead of Raz is lolworthy

Grundy very stiff not to get a nomination, imo.

Tom Jonas. Never Previously All Australian. 21 games in 2017. 186 kicks, 111 marks, 100 handballs, averaging 8.9 kicks, 5.3 marks, 4.8 handballs. Zero goals, Zero behinds. Three clearances, 28 inside 50m, 55 rebound 50m. 54 tackles.


Taylor Walker?

Are they for real? Do they need someone to replace Pav at Fullback?

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Rance was locked in the AA team round 1 this year

#1 score involvement player in the comp i heard on (adelaide) radio


I don’t really watch football other than Essendon games but i can confidently say that the whole squad is bogus. Lance Franklin??? Pfffft, what’s he ever done?


10/10 thread title

fkn lol. I’d sooner buy into a team picked by the grade 1 class at Brunswick West Primary School.



That’s some confederacy of dunces right there.


Who is in the midfield rotation?
Who is the third tall?
Where do they play the resting ruckman? Forward or on the bench?

Most of the positions named went out of actual football use in 2000 when Sheedy had everyone be able to do everything.

We got three in the squad, and all three are very likely to make to final team.

When was the last time that happened?

Raz missed out the second his hammy went.

Surprised Oliver didn’t make the squad. A lot like Merrett missing it last year.


The way this seasons gone it doesn’t matter how good the team is they could get pumped by 10 goals on any given weekend.

I have a feeling Joe will miss out on the final team after tumbling down the Coleman order in the last couple of rounds. Think the other two are locks.

John Worsfold should be the coach of the team.
I doubt there’d be a tagger named.

Guarantee you neither of Daniher or Zerrett will make it.

They’ll pick Buddy and Kennedy ahead of Daniher.

There are plenty of mids they will pick ahead of Zerrett (wrongly).

And they’ll probably find a way to deny Hurley using the Fletcher rule (doesn’t play on anyone).

They better ■■■■■■■ not pick Selwood. OVER RATED

Reg doesn’t need AA validation.