For Hawks sake! Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast review

Here it is!!!

We discuss the heartbreaking loss to our rivals the Hawks…but discuss some key positives


Itunes link coming soon

Itunes link up now. Took time to calm myself on this one… i really hate Hawthorn

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How do you see the year… fail or positive?

You guys sound too happy about the loss…
Maybe you should have done podcast after the game.

Hooker should have went forward earlier agree!
When he did we looked good and kicked goals.

Year is a fail overall - no finals.

Good things development of

  • Guelfi
  • Langford
  • Parish / Fancis maybe arguable but they are currently in the best 22.
  • McGrath had a couple good games in midfield
  • Redman

Laverde - been disappointingly injured
stewart - after good start, fell off a cliff when Daniher went out.
Daniher - year lost to injury.

Far from happy but us whining and yelling is not great listening either. Or maybe it is actually

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I was thinking a few weeks ago whether winning 13 games, 1 more than last year yet missing finals would be a failure. I don’t know.
We’ve setup the foundations to become successful, the younger guys have really matured. I think this year was one step backwards to take 2-3 steps forward. Last year was a fun year but much needed. This year was back to business.

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Yep fair call. The rise of young talent probably a highlight

Wouldn’t mind hearing you guys revved up after a loss, we all can empathise - would be hilarious hearing you guys alternating between trying to be fair and polite and letting rip with how painful it is to watch Stratton mark yet again with Fantasia the only one competing with him if anyone at all…

Nothing wrong with letting us hear you bleed red and black.

We know you do.

By the way, I enjoyed the listen, thanks.

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