For those suffering from Essendon Deprivation Syndrome…

A pack of 1981 game highlights + interviews etc has just arrived in Estonia.

Someone might also be doing the same for 1982, and onwards, in coming weeks…

1981-09 - highlights - Ess vs Coll (with Simon Madden interview).mp4
1981-10 - highlights - Ess vs Carl.mp4
1981-11 - highlights - Ess vs Sth.mp4
1981-12 - highlights - Ess vs Nth.mp4
1981-13 - highlights - Ess vs Rich.mp4
1981-15 - highlights - Ess vs Fitz.mp4
1981-18 - highlights - Ess vs Coll.mp4
1981-20 - highlights - Ess vs Carl.mp4 — yes, it’s THAT game.

Side Bonus:

1981 - misc - There’s a Little Bit of Cazaly in Us All.mp4 — VFL promotional video


I have no idea where to find this Estonia website but do they happen to have around 20, 2000 by any chance?

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Nope. The freakin’ next game vs Footscray is there though…

Looking for the site now, but not having much luck.

Go to the below thread.
Someone should have an invitation to spare.

Do you by chance have Michael Long’s first AFL game?
For memory it was against West Coast at the WACA in 89?

It is one game that has escaped me.

As I recall, his first 3 or 4 were very disappointing. He looked fantastic when he touched the ball, but he only touched it about once each quarter. It was as if he was so shy that he was reluctant to draw attention to himself by getting involved in the action.

Then after those first few he was dropped. Or semi-dropped. Dropped but named as an emergency. And sure enough, one of the named players didn’t make it and Long was brought back in.

Played a blinder and never looked back.

At least that’s how I remember it, nearly 30 years later without any checking. And I’ve always wondered whether the Clayton’s dropping was a Sheedy cunning plan.

I don’t know why I recall that particular game, but it is in line with Long’s early career.

My favourite game of his is the semi final against Geelong in 89. I usually watch this game at some stage through preseason.
Watching the game you think that he’s so damaging but he only had around 15 possessions.

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That was about all he needed to slice a team apart, he was a quality use of the ball. Poetry in motion. When he had the ball l usually looked up the ground to see what his options were because l was confident of two things.

  1. He would choose the best option.
  2. He would deliver the ball to the best option.

All class. He didn’t always need to take possession either, sometimes just a deft little flick or tap on to advantage was enough to set up a goal.


And of course Long’s best touches were very often NOT disposals… so many taps to advantage!


He changed the definition of 1 % ers.


On that particular game, he kicked 4 goals and was involved in at least ten goals.
Was truly an awesome performance.

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Apologies for the thread hijack but this is my Wednesday night viewing:


That’s 12 packs away!

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1982 is up!

1982-02 - highlights - Ess vs Carl.mp4
1982-06 - match - Ess vs Syd.mp4
1982-08 - highlights - Ess vs Haw.mp4
1982-08 - match - Ess vs Haw.mp4
1982-10 - highlights - Ess vs Sts.mp4
1982-11 - highlights - Ess vs Geel.mp4
1982-12 - highlights - Ess vs Carl.mp4
1982-14 - highlights - Ess vs Nth.mp4
1982-17 - highlights - Ess vs Coll.mp4
1982-19 - highlights - Ess vs Melb.mp4
1981-20 - highlights - Ess vs Carl.mp4

Side Bonus:

1982 - misc - It’s All in the Game.mp4 <-- correction to the initial description for the 1981 upload, THIS is the video with the groin and bum and zipper-closing shots! 'Twas a different world back then.


Awesome. Love Ian Robertson with the casual brownlow prediction halfway through Q1 for Wanganeen! ‘wouldn’t mind a bob each way on him’

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You are a seriously beautiful man!

Another request if possible…
Any hope you have a copy of the Hawthorn v Essendon game we played in the US? I’m not sure what year it was but I recall us smashing them.
The North Melbourne v Essendon game in 88 would also be much appreciated. It was Somerville’s first game, but also the first game I ever went to (for memory).

Damn I wish I hadn’t lost my old 80s footy videos…

USA, or Toronto?

Either way, without checking I don’t think so.

Actually thought we played them in Miami.

Doubt it was Toronto. For memory we played them indoors on a Gridiron. Not sure how advanced the Canadian Football League was in those days.

He took 15 marks on debut or something like that IIRC. Not too shabby.