Former #1 Pig Hibberd




Season Highlights

26 disps (20 kicks 6 hballs) and 7 marks in Rd 23 39-pt loss to Richmond at the MCG (31 Aug 2013)
30 disps (22 kicks 8 hballs) and 8 marks in Rd 20 53-pt loss to West Coast at Etihad Stadium (11 Aug 2013)
30 disps (18 kicks 12 hballs), 3 marks and a goal in Rd 10 44-pt loss to Sydney at the SCG (1 Jun 2013)
29 disps (19 kicks 10 hballs), 8 marks and a goal in Rd 9 29-pt win over Richmond at the MCG (25 May 2013)
29 disps (18 kicks 11 hballs) and 9 marks in Rd 6 39-pt win over GWS at Etihad Stadium (4 May 2013)
24 disps (20 kicks 4 hballs) and 11 marks in Rd 4 37-pt win over St Kilda at Etihad Stadium (20 Apr 2013)
Hate to break it to you kids. Paul Connors signed high draft prospect Ben Ainsworth.

That alone would slip him out of the top 10 for mine.

Do not want.

Edit: Ha, beaten!

Hate to break it to you kids. Paul Connors signed high draft prospect Ben Ainsworth.

That alone would slip him out of the top 10 for mine.

Do not want.

I wish Connors was my dad.
He was, but traded you when you were a baby!

Hate to break it to you kids. Paul Connors signed high draft prospect Ben Ainsworth.

That alone would slip him out of the top 10 for mine.

Can’t see how he makes a big difference to melbournes list.

Knowing us we’ll get a 3rd round pick.

Knowing us we'll get a 3rd round pick.

Yeah, We definitely got low balled by St. Kilda with their pick 5

Hibberd to Melbourne tom Mcdonald to Essendon ■■■■ you melbourne

Preface: I think the way Connors does his business is the most sterotypically slimeball player agent behaviour around, in a way that few if any others seem to indulge in.

In theory it all balances out in the end, we lose players in bad deals for us because Connors is only interested in his players and his commission, but we gain some players in good deals for us because Connors is only interested in his players and his commission.

Where this breaks down is that we’re not historically a big trading club. We make a few trades here and there when the opportunity comes up but the big Dangerfield, Treloar, Judd type trades just aren’t what we do. I’ve heard Dodoro say repeatedly that he believes in a grow-your-own philosophy and isn’t particularly interested in initiating blockbuster deals. So we lose Crameri, Ryder, Carlisle type players but we don’t trade the equivalent level of player back in, and so we don’t benefit from the receiving end of hard-nosed managers.

Maybe Worsfold has different opinions and we’ll be more active in the trade period, maybe not, but if we don’t see high profile/high quality opposition players as part of our list management strategy (or the AFL changes the terms of trade to favour the clubs) it won’t balance out for us in the long run. Not because player managers hate Essendon, just because they don’t give a ■■■■ about any of the clubs and they’re not trying to be fair and balanced in where they get their clients traded to.

None of which is to say that Connors’ methods aren’t repugnant.

Them trading away their first pick doesn’t change anything. We would never get pick 9/10 for Pig anyway. There will be so many pick swaps that they’ll be able to find the currency somehow. Maybe we could do a Sydney and find a way for Melbourne or a third club involved to take a contracted player off our hands ala Bird. I’m looking at you Jerrett.

Can you imagine the mutual hatred between Jackets and Connors?

A second rounder this year and one next year seems like a fair trade.

I wish Connors was my dad.

How are player managers paid? is it a % of contract? Is there a reward for orchestrating a trade?

I wish Connors was my dad.
Where do you want to be traded to?

I’d be disappointed with Hibberd leaving but I’m comfortable with the development in our players. Someone will cover for him. As long as we retain Hurley.

A Sam Landsberger article eh?

Who the fark is this carnt?

Isn’t he one of those lightweight footy journos that specialises in those Supercoach trade pieces in the HScum?

Now he’s trying to play with the big boys (and girls) and become a serious communication specialist by visiting a footy forum site, glean some juicy information on a debate being discussed in a thread about a player whose future may or may not be in doubt with his original club, due to extraordinary circumstances, and is being courted by a rival club with whom he has a tenuous link to, who may or may not have tried to lure him with an offer of a longer term contract than what his original club wants to offer.

Am soooo looking forward to the next Rocky lV article to hit the blitz as this Landsberger joker has just used the exact template that he uses, as another poster has already mentioned.

Fark off Sammy boy and go back to pretending to be a footy journo, writing pretend articles for a pretend, made up football league that your employer runs to gather information from its subscribers for marketing purposes and advertise useless ■■■■ to everyone and anyone that clicks onto that utter garbage that you clowns try to pass off as Australia’s greatest and most richest fantasy football league.

What the actual fark has the game become…seriously?

LOL so while the guy is away and hasn't spoken to anyone he is suddenly confirmed as leaving! Yeah good one, sounds like a manager ploy being played out there.

He’s gone

He may well be, but that article was pure speculative crap. TBH I am not too fussed if we lose him but I simply hope we get a good deal in return.

Doubt it.

  • Melbourne offer pick 27.
  • Dodoro will refuse.
  • Melbourne won’t try to better the pick and keep forcing Dodoro to take 27.
  • Dodoro will cave in on the last day of trade week and accept 27.
  • Hibberd gets to Melbourne,the trade gets done but some how Dodoro will still cop it for being “Essendon are hard to deal with”

Same ■■■■ different year.

So then just do the deal quick and get it out of the way (that is if Hibberd wants to leave of course).

Is it unders? Yes.
Is it unders by a lot? IMO not really.

Maybe see if we can get their 3rd rounder for our 4th and move up the back end a bit if we plan to take a few in the draft.

Every day it drags on, a little bit of passion drops from the supporter/player relationship . The way H.H, Cols put their hand up straight away shows loyalty. the slower it takes , its money. Even if they stay Loyalty wasn't the trigger. I mean FFS they can make a decision plan trips, life experience of running the bulls but cant say where they will be playing in the next season. (And don't give me all this healing BS) They have a Train load of advisers Solicitors Family. friends, GFs, BFs, managers advising. Is this punishment to us supporters? We've done nothing wrong have we?. How about some common courtesy to the people that have supported/defended you through thick and thin?? Seems more worried about his beard. Commit of FOFF.
Apart from Hurley and Hibberd do we have any other players on his list?

From memory no.

I think Laverde is one