Former #30 B. Zerk-Thatcher

Have we become a development club for other teams?

My god, we are GWS and GC.

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Jason Cripps one of the best in the business.
Identifies gap, identifies player, fills gap, balanced list.

We could only dream.


And we have the biggest wage thief in the industry :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

This is literally the role of every list manager. This and signing players you wish to keep that are already on your list.

Good get for Port Adelaide, bolster their defence with a decent defender who with a competent midfield will look much better. Also adding a young ruck in Bryan who’s still only 21 and has shown glimpses. They probably get it done for a future second and third rounder. Good business for them, it ain’t a fluke that they’re the second best team in it.

We’ll add McKay and probably another Jake Kelly type so we can continue to strive for that coveted 8th position on the ladder

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oh yeah fair, I think I was getting confused with losing Redman to FA

BZT is handy, and I was very glad that he finally got games, if he was to stay and be the 2nd/3rd defender it would be perfect, but that would mean that this club has proper, sensible, sustained, future proofed, list management and you have to be seriously deluded to think we will get that with Adrian.

Truth is BZT is 25 in a month and still being flat out monstered by KPF.
Obviously you want to keep him in the hope of us improving around him, but if he has offers from Port he’d be silly not to go.

F****** love Zerk. Will kill me if he goes.

He’s got the currency, though, and one of Reid and Baldwin and Cox and Hayes and Newly Minted Defender Weed should cover it.

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No I don’t like it

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Sucks if he goes. I’d like to see Baldwin get a good run in seniors, very nice kick of the ball which we lack. McKay, Balders and Ridley can take the talls.
I love BZT’s desperation but most of our list is expendable. We’re pretty ■■■■.

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Just watching snippets of North lately, i reckon McKay is flakier with the footy than Zerk, and its not a strength of Zerk.

Its not ideal losing BZT, though we were always going to let go of 1 of our tall backs, and he has an offer and some value.

Id be pushing to get more than a 2nd for him from Port.
Perhaps the Bryan package makes it worthwhile.
Im thinking a 1st rounder though, with a 3rd going back.

So we’ve lowballed our 24yo, best 22, key defender who has just established himself as a crucial cog in the team….only to chase an older, sh!tter and more expensive option.

Adrian Dodoro, ladies & gentleman.


Scary that the club thinks we’re a Ben Mckay away from being a contender, we’re absolutely ■■■■■■ with these people running the joint.

If I was Ben McKay, I would stay where I am. North are far closer to success than what we are.


Who says we’ve low balled him ?
Maybe we’ve offered him a fair sum of money given his skill set.

If Port have offered him more, and he’s a SA boy, we lose him.
It happens.


We’re as far away from a premiership as anyone, we might be ahead of St Kilda but thats it

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Norf are fkn sh*t.

Their backline is beyong putrid.
Might as well plonk a 53yo me in their defence instead of Aiden Corr.

Dont get me started on McDonald.


It may have nothing to do with money. He might just want to play in a good team for a change.

It might be family related.

Also it’s not sealed that’s he’s leaving or that we are even getting McKay yet.

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Saints are building something as well tbf, Owens, Windhager, NWM and Philipou 4 young guns who you can build around.

Being negative about us is so easy lol

Saints are actual garbage, Hawthorn are closer than them