Former #30 B. Zerk-Thatcher

Im fine with getting mckay, but if we lose BZT in the process, it kind of seems absolutely pointless

You want BZT and Mckay playing together

We’re getting Mckay, because we need another key defender, only to trade, probably our best key defender.



Hawks have the mindset we don’t have, it’s annoying

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Laverde McKay McGrath
Redman Baldwin Ridley


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Their both limited with ball in hand.

Now, i know that you know this is a problem generally in our defence, unless we scrapped ALL of LAV, Kelly and Heppell in one off season.

If we lose BZT it won’t be because we haven’t made him a fair financial offer. It will simply be him making a lifestyle choice to move back to where he grew up. Not much we can do about that.

Think he stays though.


There is room for one of those three, imo.


Ridley is our best key defender and it isn’t even close.

I think he’s wasted on a flank.

He’s not the zoning off god that many think he is because he is always reluctant to leave his direct opponent.

Reckon Friday was probably his best game for the year. It’s not a coincidence he had the no.1 key forward. It was probably zerk and lav’s best game for a while too because they all shuffled down onto lesser opponents.

It’s just a shame or midfield got absolutely torched


I have never heard that take on ridley from you ivan



I’d been holding onto it for so long, feels good to finally have it out there


I won’t believe it until there’s a best 22 attached to the post.


The longer time goes by and our blokes get towelled up on the regular, i have a sneaky suspicion you might be right

Im not sold on it, but im coming around to it

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I agree. Though I wonder if Scott’s relationship with McKay is influencing this outcome. BZT is one of Dodos drafting success stories, and I am more than comfortable with those who argue he hasn’t had many. However, losing him for McKay is only acceptable with a 2nd round pick back to us. And I’m far from convinced McKay is much better btw.

I would say the club wants Reid and McKay playing together next year.

Lav and BZT are pretty even as players if we’re honest. I wouldn’t say McKay is a huge upgrade on either of them (but who knows what he looks like playing on a semi competent team)

They are ■■■■, but being really ■■■■ is the way to success.

Not always.
There’s some great young mids there, no doubt.

No up and coming ruck.
A putrid defence.
Little help for Larkey.
A losing culture, no money/resources.

They’re lightyears away.

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Tristan Xerri looks ok as a ruck.

Charlie Comben looked decent pre-injury as a second tall forward/ruck relief.

But their defence is absolutely no good.

We have money, big games, strong history and state of the art facilities and yet haven’t been able to win a final in 20 years. On top of that, despite coaches and administrators changing during that time, key players still appear to want out.

You are kidding.
He is bog average.


I thought we were talking about Norf ?

Planning anything around reid is suicide