Former #32 Travis Colyer


Colyer still a while off but great progress at least. They’d flagged his return on the injury report

“Travis Colyer has also made progress as he continues to recover from a broken foot and Crow said he is set to reach an important milestone at the training session on Wednesday.

“Trav will be back in with the main group for the first time since his injury, he’ll be in the warm-up only tomorrow and then obviously progress up his training with the group from there.”


Did he fumble his leg when he tried to pick it up?

Good news that he has recovered


Cue Heather Mills in 3, 2, 1…




He’s certainly pretty ripped these days




Has some weaknesses but I’ve always loved watching him play for us. need him after the bye to provide some outside run.


Is he ready? WTF bring him in already


mini wolverine


that’s pretty much how i look.


Where is that photo from?


VFL game I think


Yeah. I figured that, … but where on the web? Can’t find it on the EFC site.


EFC Twitter


it’s on EFCs twitter


Right,. thanks guys… just wanted to check it was real, thought it might have been photoshopped!!
Fk me, have some arms there Trav, … wow.


Holy ■■■■ ! Trav is the new Micky Conlan!



the forgotten man

i’d give him a run over sucksverde.


The good stuff


Can’t wait until he comes in, gets run down in a tackle then queue blitz meltdown complaining his bulked too much, lost pace etc…