Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


So Bronze statue at Tulla when?


Put him in the AFL Hall of Fame!


I recall a story T Watson recounted of a young Jobe in the lead up to his first ever game. Reckons he was so excited he (i think) slept in his boots. Then at the game he spent most of his time doing dizzy-wizzies around a goal post with another kid. Love it.


I was thinking how retirements like Nick Riewoldts/Luke Hodges can lift the team, or even GCS getting a new coach could lift them against us next week.

Hopefully the boys can do the right thing by Jobe and send him off with pride.

Anyone else reckon our chances against Adelaide this week improve?


Went to school with Jobe

the very definition of a gentle giant, always soft spoken never a shred of negativity or immaturity about him, none of that stupid bro arrogance most boys have when they’re tall and great at footy and cricket, class act as a kid class act as a man, the footy world is at a loss for his departure, amazing human being deserves so much success and happiness with where ever he goes from here, and he’ll get it, because he is and always will be a champion.


We have been so blessed to have two great men in both Jobe as captain and James Hird as coach together lead this club through its darkest hours.

You just couldn’t find two more honourable and principled people as these two legends.

Jobe will be sorely missed immensely by us supporters but most gratefully thankful to have him represent this great club with such great aplomb.

Hope he absolutely smashes it in whatever the rest of his life brings him…and looking forward to the tell-all autobiography in the future😉.


The club has had some great speakers over the years but Jobe is by far the best. Just pure class in how he has handled everything. I really liked wooshas way of describing him.

Authentic. That sums him up

Thank you Jobe


With pressure off hope he goes out enjoying his footy in style.

Think he may just wind back the clock this weekend


If the Champions of Essendon was updated today, Jobe would easily be top 5. As good of a player as he was, everything he did off the field will be remembered forever. I’m not sure if we’ll ever have a better leader of our club.


He’s too good for footy. Can’t picture him going down the same road as so many others needing validation through media careers.


Deserves a premiership. We all do!


My wife isn’t a huge AFL fan and just said she got a little teary when she heard and just wants to give Jobe a hug and tell him “we still love him”… great sentiment and sums up how many of us feel I’d say.


Validation? Or just really really easy money?


jobe announces retirement.
Team delivers backs against wall performance and Beat crows.
with Jobe retiring, Goddards fairytale premiership needs to happen this year or it wont happen.

But it will be our young stars that will get us there not the old ones - McDonald Tipungwuti, Merrett & Daniher.
I would love to see Parish in a final, as well as Daniher again the ultimate big game player.
I still believe we are a chance this year, but we have to win this week.


Champion player, Champion person. A gentleman until the end.

Let’s tear Adelaide apart for Jobe.


Legend. How important has he been to the survival of the club was made crystal clear by Tanner.
Feeling very selfishly sad now but glad that Jobe is excited about the next stage of his life.




Josh Jenkins‏Verified account @JoshJenkins24

A man of incredible intelligence & integrity. Congratulations to @JobeWatson on a career that will never be mirrored.


What a gentleman.

Thanks Jobe.


We did get the news first.