Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


We are going to be Watsonless and Fletcherless in 2018! When did this last occur?

At least we still have a Daniher.


And a Long (for the time being) and a couple of Merretts (for the time being).




Whatever happens this season, I hope that just like Jimmy, Jobe carries on happy post career. Seeing Hird selling his chocolate with pride and an earnest smile on his face was fantastic considering the events of last December. I hope that whatever Jobe ventures on with, that he is also happy. EFC losing these two great characters amongst countless others will always be a shame but I’ll be more than happy to see the both of them happy post footy career away from what Gil now all too often alarmingly refers to as ‘the industry’.

Any dropkick with the mental capacity of a casserole, who whacks the these guys now by virtue of association with Essendon is simply showing themselves up to be the inhumane arsewipes they are. I’ve seen a couple smug comments already. People still forget they’re just like you and I.



This amazing man led our club through its darkest period with dignity, honour and respect.

A true champion of this club.


I love that it looks like he did that video after a tough training session. There is a nice gash on his left shoulder, hair in a mess, clearly sweaty. Still leading by example.


I am sure he will stay away from football just about for good once the year is done; and so he should, for his own benefit. As Rolo said he is far too good for this competition and this sport, and has levels of professionalism and class that some of the retired players in the media and/or coaches can only dream of.

What a champion, what a human.




Absolute definition of a Champion.

His humility, leadership, honesty and integrity.are unequaled in the AFL.
and that’s on top his core ability as a wonderful footballer. Will always be the 2012 Brownlow Medallist.

Absolute privilege to follow this great club when the likes of the Watson family have represented it.
and we have the Fletcher and Daniher and Hird families as well. We are truly spoiled.


Blooody hell, Tanner, I got through dry-ish eyed and then you had to go with that “forebearance” line.

Not that I want a debate here now, but like I’ve said before (and been near universally shot down): better captain than Hird.


His line about how he feels about the game now ‘it’s sort of like getting cheated on by your girlfriend. You might ge back together but you won’t ever really love each other in the same way’ made me so sad for him.


Right there with your boomerang man, lead our club through its darkest time ever.


Of course he was a better captain than hird. He was the best fkn captain we have ever had inthe history of the club imo, not just because he led us through the saga, he just did everything you’d expect in a captain to the highest level. Won us games. Lifted us.

He was the best inside mid in the game for a few years too imo


It’s hard to say. He was very good.


We will have a Fletcher by November 2018 :wink:


Remember when Sheedy canvassed the idea of trading him? Kevin, please… What was he thinking?


Someone asked earlier when the last time we haven’t had a Fletcher or Watson at the club.

Ken Fletcher 1967 - 1980
Tim Watson 1977 -1991 then 1993 - 1994
Dustin Fletcher 1993 - 2015
Jobe Watson 2003 - 2017

So we had a period of both for 24 years (67-91). Then a break for 1992. Then a period of both for 24 years (93-17).

How’s that for symmetry?


Staying away from the stories on social media. To many people with the brain’s of a mentally challenged swamp donkey


…then a break for 2018