Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


Got businesses coming out of his ■■■■.

listed 3? in new york and 1 in melbourne?

enjoy life you entrepreneurial legend.


Beside the game, who cheated on Jobe? One stupid woman, she will be.


If the media announcement didn’t get to you, this might::


What a champion. good for him. He seemed happy and content with his lot.
And Tanner spoke so well, great to have a chairman who can speak off the cuff.

Once the presser finished I put money on us to win on Saturday. Shoe in now.







This list shows where he sits of Essendon greats well IMV:

Leading Essendon W.S.Crichton Medal Winners

Bill Hutchison, King Richard Reynolds (7)
James Hird (5)
Simon Madden, Tim Watson (4)
Jobe Watson, Graham Moss, Tom Fitzmaurice, Barry Davis, Wally Buttsworth, John Birt, (3)

He would’ve undoubtedly won more in different circumstances too.


Would have at least joined his old man on 4, and probably Jimmy on 5.


Pretty sure i was mirroring Jobes reactions when Xavier was talking, I already wanna go out and play for him Saturday night.


The presser he was as I expected him to be, but seeing him tell the players in the auditorium there was a hint of a tear when he spoke and also when X spoke. Good on him, I expect he will handle post-football as well as he handled a Sherrin on match days. I hope to see some vintage Jobe performances before our season concludes, but after Saturday you knew it was time and for him to come out right away and put all the innuendo and speculation about his future to bed is a good thing for him and also the club. Well played Jobe!


If that doesn’t rev up the players, nothing will.


Job will finish on 224 games with a win.


absolute class act!


What’s the name of his cafe in Melbourne?


The media announcement, esp. the Tanner bit, certainly got me, and this sealed the deal.

What a legend, and I hope his life gets all the more awesome from here.


Farewell legend, thanks for everything you’ve done for this club!


Good onya Jobe.
One of our great captains.
And 10 27+ Disp games so far in his final year.

If anyone thinks they can’t make it, look at his career for inspiration.


Will be CEO of Essendon in the future, what a champ


So heartwarming reading these ‘nice’ posts about Jobe who has always shown the utmost restraint and dignity throughout his career in the face of so much pressure.

I hope he never reads them.

Because hopefully he never read some of the disgusting posts about him in a few of the recent game review threads.

It’s all good and well to review and analyse a performance, but perhaps some Blitzers would do well to take onboard some of his composure when writing their next post game comments.


oh come on, he himself said the game is too fast for him. he looked cooked all year. He can still be a champion and this last year won’t change how we as supporters view him.


I think I spotted Myers getting a bit emotional