Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


Can we just ■■■■■■■ belt the crows this weekend? just ■■■■■■■ once, come out and absolutely belt them. Richmond 2001 style.


The final, or the earlier game where good ol’ Gieschen reacted by publicly instructing the umps not to pay frees to Lloyd? Was a month before he got the next one.


the final


Oh, you thought I was being serious. Good for you!


man those shots of hurley. he looks devastated.


pure class
Head and shoulders above the dross in the room
Thanks for coming back for 1 more year Jobe
A true champion of the club


A legend of our club. Courageous, skilful, honest - a true leader. Hope we can muster a finals win for him.


Dross is harsh. Some of our other players are pretty good. :wink:


There are footballers who are decent blokes.
There are footballers who have a breadth of vision and thinking,both on and off the field,that makes them memorable.
There are footballers who are humble and self deprecating, even when winning the highest awards.
There are footballers who play beyond themselves for the team and their mates.
There are footballers who face adversity and don’t succumb.

It is incredibly rare to see all that in one person.
Vale Jobe, and best wishes




And have Jobe kick ONE




Doesn’t look like he’ll miss football but football will miss him.


yeah let’s smash those farkers for jobe and the footy club


How can he be so polite to the media who have denigrated him non-stop for 4 years. Respect.

Tanner is right. The club’s debt to him is immeasurable. I hope there are plans to honour him in a timely and wholly appropriate fashion.
The man is a legend.


Yeah, I noticed that myself.


Really wish some of those players had tweeted some support January 2016 or when they took his Brownlow.


IF Fletch’s son goes father son, what years draft would he be in?


Next year’s.


Oh ■■■■! I’ve just watched the BomberTV footage of Jobe telling his teammates that he’s retiring.
What a wonderful leader and a caring and considerate human being.

…my hatred of the AFL administration knows no bounds and never will until I die!

Thanks Jobey. Love ya mate!!