Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


Farewell to a great Essendon Champion, Brownlow Medalist and all round great bloke who’s career was ruined by a disgusting AFL witch hunt. I wish Jobe Watson massive success in his future endevours.


This list shows where he sits of Essendon greats well IMV:

Leading Essendon W.S.Crichton Medal Winners

Bill Hutchison, King Richard Reynolds (7)
_ James Hird (5)_
_ Simon Madden, Tim Watson (4)_
_ Jobe Watson, Graham Moss, Tom Fitzmaurice, Barry Davis, Wally Buttsworth, John Birt, (3)_

He would’ve undoubtedly won more in different circumstances too.

All great players in their own ways, and almost all with more EFC success than Jobe (Graham Moss the exception). Tom Fitzmaurice was also involved in controversy and decided to leave. But none have had to endure, as a player, the ongoing derision of the mob. Not only did Jobe cop it, with his AOD comments he stood up as captain and drew the fire to him. Anzac analogies are dangerous, but if footy had a VC, he deserves it.


You guys aren’t talking enough about what Jobe has done for the Essendon brand.


I love jobe


None of the other retirement press conferences had even close to that many smiles, or that much grace

i’m not crying you’re crying.


Way too good for the AFL. It’s almost embarrassing that a person of his quality has to be associated with this league.


Sad in many ways but yes, the right decision. Always a man of integrity.
Held the club together, as we know, in our darkest hour.
A true hero of our club.


Leave that to the “Tinsel Twins”, Jez & Juz!!!


It’s a sad day but it was somewhat inevitable. It’s always sad when champions of the game move on but this is doubly sad given what he’s had to endure. This bloke has had his prime years ripped away through no fault of his own. Driven out of the game for a season by corruption & had the highest individual honour taken from him. He was denied any chance of the ultimate success by being a victim of circumstance. I feel REALLY sad for Jobe. Of course he has other things to occupy himself with & he’ll no doubt live his recent dream in NYC but I can’t help but feel this is an unfulfilled talent we’ve seen walk away. That is the tragedy in all this. Best of luck to Jobe, I wish him every possible success.


Wanted to try and leave the saga out but ■■■■ it.

This man committed the most selfless act in the recent history of our club. Whether purposely or inadvertently he made himself the face of the saga. He made himself the public face of the whole thing. He made himself the face of the suspended group.

He took a huge bullet for his teammate’s and the club

He did this, copped all the flak and still carried himself to a level that I think I can comfortably say none of us would even get near given the same role


Tough for me to really add anything… agree with so much said already, particularly the lament that goes with the game chewing him up and spitting him out. He deserves so much better. History better farking look upon him more kinder and gentler… him and his former coach both.

I won’t soon forget the morning I spent in Boulder, Colorado a few years ago with Jobe and some of the other boys… we had a very nice, long conversation about all sorts of things. He talked to me like we could have been acquaintances. I’m sure the uniqueness of my situation interested him, but I could sense he appreciated the idea of finding someone with knowledge and passion for his game and his team in a very unlikely place.

I have no doubt of this man’s integrity and character… it is truly sickening to see how much mud still sticks. May time have mercy on his image and on the souls of all who have defamed him.


Warning everyone to watch his address to the players in a private place as you will be crying for pretty much the entirety of it

what Jobe has brought to this club and to football is as X said, immeasurable

you just can’t praise this bloke enough


A great player, but perhaps more importantly a legend bloke. Thanks for everything, Jobe.


Just fkn smash everyone from here on in. Give us a final at the G and we will wipe the floor with fkn anyone


■■■■■■■ this.

This guy deserves to be a premiership player.


will miss you Jobe . And faark vlad


Just did it on the train.

■■■■■■ hell :’(


Jobe and Fletch and probably the two best blokes I’ve seen come from Essendon these past few decades.


He dragged us over the line too many times to count over the last decade. What a champion.


WOB needs to do the pre match rev up. Give Jobe one last hurrah!

Also did anyone see at the very end of the press conference Tanner knocked the football off the table and made a funny face? Needs a gif!