Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


A class act on and off the field. A superb leader. As many have said the courage he showed in arguably our darkest period and definitely the darkest period I have known in my time supporting the Bombers was absolutely first rate. I haven’t thought he was going as bad as many seem to have opined here and at games and in the media. It was probably the right time to bring the curtain down on a wonderful career, but that does not make it any less sad. I was at his first game and should be there at his last. I just hope he gets to receive the Norm Smith from James Hird this season, cos cas/asada or any other farkwits won’t be able to take that away from him.

Thanks Jobe, you have been an inspiration and an absolute beacon in the darkest of times for a great football club. And you will always be a Brownlow Medallist to me. Good luck with whatever you decide to do for the rest of your life.


Tears…so many tears.


Well he did say the pace of the game has gone past him.

Amazing no matter how fit the bloke is, it doesn’t matter if the mental side of it is going too quick.


Wonderful player and leader and human being. James Hird was my last football “hero”, you know when your young enough to hero worship a player then you get to an age where you really like players but it’s not the quite same. I imagine Jobe certainly would have been many Essendon supporters hero. He won’t ever be as appreciated outside of our club as within but he will always hold an indelible place in all Essendon people hearts that have lived through what we have. More than an Essendon champion, I think Essendon hero sits pretty well.


Hear hear


Emotions are running high. I watched the first part of the press conference, I had to turn it off…I guess I saw it coming, but it still hurts a little as a true hero of mine is coming to the end of a magnificent career. Best of luck to a true champion of the game and Essendon football club. He has been my all time favourite, so much so that if I was having a boy instead of a little girl in September he was going to be named Jobe. A true champion of our club and has been an amazing leader during the worst period this club has ever seen. I hope nothing but the best for him and will miss the #4 running out on the footy field in the red sash. Good luck to a champion, a leader and our Brownlow medalist. Let’s send him out with a bang and make it a season to remember!
Jobe Watson you are a star.


With great respect, Noonan, to your venerability and the perspective that it gives you. None of those dudes whom you mention had to endure and lead through anything resembling one tenth of the circumstances that Jobe found himself in. Hird did too of course, but as a coach, not as a player or as a captain. Hird did not have to perform as an athlete every week under the circumstances and scrutiny that Jobe found himself in.

Surely, “Alan”, there is room still yet in your cold, cold, heart, to violently tear out a segment of cardiac tissue in both mourning and celebration of the career and achievement of one of the truly great human beings. A bloke who was there for us, the members and supporters, in our darkest hour, when we had no right to ask anything further from him.

He carried us all, under tremendous enemy fire. Much as Simpson and his donkey ferried the lame from Anzac cove.

And if you don’t find that highly emotional, then what the ■■■■ are you doing on an internet fan forum! And Blitz at that.

I would hold conference with you, “Alan_Noonan_10”, if I could, and suggest that you recover this lost knowledge, as Ficino rediscovered the world of Ancients – and so furnished Florence with the love of Latin and the republican confidence which historians now acknowledge to be the yardstick of intellectual proximity with Rome. As Petrarch forgot not Laura, and Zephyr was to know always the paths wandered by Flora, I seek to encourage in you recognition of the kind that will prevent me having to read material pertinent only to those we know as Carlton and Port Adelaide supporters.

Heed me Noonan, and harken to this injunction; much as Moses harkened unto the strictures of his Protector and could cross the briny red-tinctured waters that heretofore stalled his progress and hampered his purpose as an Implement of the Lord.


farkn aye


Well said.


Not really much more I can add that hasn’t already been said. At his peak, Jobe was a friggin beast, and his leadership through the dark years will never be forgotten.

Personally, I reckon he was cooked as a player in 2015, so for him to make it as far as he did this year was a super impressive effort in my eyes.

I love ya Jobe, you and your Brownlow.


Spot on.


Champ . Haven’t loved a player as much since TD. I was my kids’ age when he retired.


I’ve heard and seen a few snippets from the press conference today by chance but I’ve consciously avoided immersing myself in it all because it still makes me so sad when I think about the burden this man has had to carry.

I, and everyone else on here will remember him as one of the best and most creative stoppage players we’ve ever seen for that 4-5 year period when he was flying. Not to mention the grace with which he has conducted himself with off field.

Champion players retiring without winning a flag, that does happen a fair bit. But champion players like Jobe barely having memories of winning a final at all (played in 04 as a chubby kid) with this great club doesn’t sit right with me. He deserved better.


…It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky


Fierce competitor, brilliant football career, inspirational leader… yet all the while humble, magnanimous, forgiving, respectful.

A lot of lessons, there.


I still remember being at his first game( i feel old) and i remember there was a piece of play where someone gave him the ball and he could of easily had a shot for goal, yet he passed it off.

Always an selfless footballer till the end.

I dont know when his last game will be or where it will be but there is no chance in hell i will be missing it


Do I really need to say more?

(For those interested we also sponsored Heppell, Jetta and Gumbleton that year)




Much manlove for Jobe

Let’s hope the boys give the remainder of the season a massive crack


All the best Jobe. Thanks for your strength and dignity throughout your career. You always represented the club proudly. You’ve always made me very proud to be an Essendon person. Well done on an excellent career.