Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


Cotchin and Mitchell only have the Brownlow medal.

Jobe won it.

When I think of Jobe I can’t help but compare him to his Biblical namesake: a righteous man made to suffer by powerful people for no good reason, only to harden his resolve and reaffirm his good character. I only hope now the story ends the same for our Jobe; his good life returned to him.

O captain, my captain! Best of luck.


And one day in the future, they will have to hand them back, and the actual winner will be re installed.

One day the truth will out, … it always does.


Not much to add, except the game will be at a loss and so will the country.

Press conference was telling, to re-enforce what a champion player he was and how the mouth breathers are still just that.

I admire his traits, internally guided by his own moral compass and only listens to a select few. I really don’t think many, if any other AFL players could of survived what he has been through, let alone returned.

Salute to your next chapter, I know it will be an absolute success.

Oh and Jobe as the resident NYC blitzer, I will be getting my stalk on. #sorrynotsorry


Often the truth is never disclosed, and in case the “truth” is what the AFL determine.


In his address to the players his voice waivered when he started talking about how through his leadership he always tried to show them how to treat others, and how he enjoyed the aspect of leading a team to achieve great things. When he said the word “team” it nearly broke him, but he recovered it well.

In my opinion, this exemplifies this man.


His 4th quarter vs West Coast in 2013 was the most amazing I’ve seen. The man gave everything he had to get us over the line and was left completely spent physically and emotionally.



Yeah. Screw West Coast.


I wanted to avoid saying something about Jobe because how vocal I was about his form this year. Now he has decided to hang up the boots, I feel guilty and awful about it. He did so much for this club and he carried us in such a difficult period of time, for me or any other fan to show the level of disrespect we did was awful.

Well done to the true fans who stayed fat and continued their support during the season. These are the true fans Jobe deserves.


I only started following footy again in 2012. It was probably an 11 year hiatus. I didn’t know anyone on the team when I sat down to finally watch a game and one man stood out. As I followed more closely it became apparent just how great of a man Jobe is. Over the years I knew that whenever people talked about the courage or toughness or leadership abilities of other captains that they didn’t even come close to Jobe.

His impact on the club is immeasurable. Just look at Dyson, Joey and Zach - if those three aren’t the brightest students of Jobe’s school of leadership then I don’t know who is. Jobe might not be around the club next year but his values will be.


All the very best to you, Jobe. Make your ‘Hole in the Wall’ the #1 brunch spot in Manhattan.

Thanks for the memories, champ. You will be missed.




You actually forget how good he was.


Love this one too


A true footballing inspiration for standing up and never backing away from anything protecting the players he lead you actually forget how good of a footballer he was and a heads up to his partner thankyou for bringing joy to him and allowing one season of this man if you didnt know how popular this man was you will in the rest of this season


He’s gonna kick a goal this week, and it’s going to be insane. I can feel it


You are wrong.

He will kick 2 !


It has taken me a while to compose this post, as l had to read the 400 + posts in this thread before l could offer my thoughts. I felt l had to read them all as a sign of respect for Jobe, but l will not try to reiterate what all those posts have said. The timing of Watson the Younger’s announcement could not be better. With the season on the line this Saturday, he has thrown down the challenge to the rest of the team to lift, it is not too late to achieve major success this season, and carve out a piece of personal glory. I expect the team to rise to this challenge, as Jobe himself as risen to meet the challenges that have confronted him, throughout his career.
His on field leadership is well documented and etched in each of the wins he led the team to. As the off field representative of the team and club, he took it upon his broad shoulders to answer the media in measured terms, and like the way he played the game on the ground, never lost his composure, despite plenty of provocation.

I see our club culture as being in two parts, Part 1. pre – saga, a glorious history. Part 2 Saga and beyond. As others have already alluded to this is where l believe Jobe’s greatest contribution to the club will be recognized. He led the club through its darkest hour, and he did so calmly with composure and integrity. Without his stalwart leadership, the club would be in another, and far darker place. I am of the belief that no one else could have achieved what he did in this most unenviable role, given the unique set of circumstances, not just for our game, but for any sport. For that he fully deserves our thanks. Is it too much of a stretch to claim that he saved Essendon from total annihilation? History will decide that issue. There is no doubt that he has helped put the club on the road to recovery, far quicker than anyone outside of Essendon would ever have expected. l wish him all success in his chosen venture in New York. May his life beyond football give him more joy than the last five or so years have. He deserves happiness, success and our thanks. Well done that Jobewan.


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