Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


How great was Kelper Bradley? Courtney Johns storming off the back-flank on Anzac Day when they were 10 goals up…oh baby…They were the best of times…


I really think we need to do this.

Tap into the collective Essendon fan bitterness about the saga/Jim/Jobe/15 years of being crap. Make it a real Subiaco type atmosphere where the umps start to second guess blowing the whistle even on uncontested marks to the other team. We can dominate the numbers at Etihad with probably 40k seated members. Let’s get angry and illogical and stupid - it works.


We’ve been doing that at the last two home games at Etihad and get even further reamed by the umps the louder and more feral we get.

It’s almost as if they sadistically thrive on upsetting us with every outrageous free that they give the opposition and miss for us the carnts.


If that’s as good as we get from Jobe for the rest of the year I can live with him going out on that form. Imo, his second half last night was as good of footy he’s played for quite some time.

That goal was awesome


Agreed. I also noticed with about 5 minutes to go before half time he lifted noticeably and tried to get the boys going. Got many quick touches in quick succession and they may have been his first possessions of the game.


seemed that the commentators then went out of their way to mention him although he wss only one in a chain of handballs…


It wasn’t just the quantity, they were sharp and creative disposals.


Well thankyer Miss Ellie,

Great memories of Jobe and Saint Nick. I went to this game as part of a work function- only match I got invited to at that workplace.




I was gonna say “On behalf of Kia, fark off”… but yeah, that’s alright.


Good fan article in the rAge today

When Jobe kicked a goal and time stood still

Lou Sweeney

When Jobe kicked a goal, time stood still. A little bit like the champ himself over the past few weeks. All due respect Jobe, I love you and everything you have done for our club. You are all class. But in the last few games as a footballer, you’ve made an excellent barista.

At Etihad Stadium, on Saturday night, while Adelaide hustled us from the inside and out, while you could see our guys busting a gut to keep up, while the extraordinarily annoying Crows fan behind me with the very loud clappy hands boomed away in my ear all night, the clock stopped ticking for a moment.

Just inside the 50 at the city end, you demanded the ball, hard won out of a scrap at centre half forward, you took it cleanly, ran a step or two and it was then, in that instant, the entire Bomber world stopped spinning.

As the ball left the boot I found myself standing up. It was because the guy in front of me was standing up and the woman in front of him and the kid in front of her. You can’t be sure of too much in life, but I’m pretty certain every Dons fan from the gods to the corporates were on their feet. All sound disappeared in that split second. Holding our breath, holding our breath, holding our breath.

From my members’ forward pocket angle, it looked like the thing had sailed straight through. Had it? Did it? The cheer squad behind the sticks was roaring. In that second it was time back on and the sound was otherworldly.

There is noise at a footy game. And then there is the sound of unbridled joy. The clatter and crash, the thud and hum and resonance; the flow of the thing is almost alive.

We were on our feet screaming. For you, for us, for our club. We’ve donned the sash since birth and we’ve not taken it off. Ever. Just like you.

Your teammates hugged you, swamped you and enfolded you, as if to say, for all of us, an almighty thanks to someone who appears to be, from this fan’s seat at least, a very good man.

I don’t know you Jobe, but I do. That’s me you wave to and clap as you leave the field after a win, that’s me, a 50-year-old lady, whose sister just found my old woollen Essendon jumper, the No.32 crookedly stitched across the scratchy red sash on the back.

The Crows were too good, but the lads tried hard and showed they could match it for decent chunks of the game. We will be the better for it. We are the better for you.

When Jobe kicked a goal, it was like something bright and terrible and hard and beautiful all burst open. The best part though? Old crow clappy hands behind me had not one thing to say.


that’s rad.


A lot of positive Essendon stories this year, which has been great for reimaging the brand and helping put a full stop to the 4-5 years of hell (of course, there are a minority who’ll never move on … bitter twisted souls) + finally, humanising the toll on players while helping to engender a level of sympathy towards them. It’s hard to imagine the general footy public not feeling something positive towards Jobe. Radio has also been going hard this week about where he ranks (high) in the game while pumping up his amazing leadership #legend



Thanks for your great contribution to our wonderful Club.


Great piece by Lou Sweeney, reckon he has spoken for just about all of us.

‘I don’t know you Jobe, but I do’


Jeeez this is a little creepy, isn’t it?


Looking forward to going to see Jobe play his last game at Etihad.

Won’t be the same without him.

Hoping that he will get at least one more game at the MCG.

Hopefully 3.


Can confirm that Jobe turned up to training today in a suit. Very dashing figure.


Hahaha… what a star.