Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!




Hope he trained in it. That would be even awesomer.


Did someone say pythonesque?


Looken good Jobe, very stylish and very New York, New York. :slightly_smiling_face:


Vintage Jobe performance today, bravo.


Was a beast in the contest today, one of his best games for the year. Had easily the most contested possessions with 20, and also had a game high 8 clearances. Hope he can continue this form in a couple weeks.

■■■■ I wish he kicked that goal in the first though, would have been amazing


Was bordering on vintage in close today. If you were an opposition team, you would be happy he is retiring - still a damaging and intelligent inside contested beast.


Absolute beast! Great game from the champ. He’s gonna will us to a finals win!


Just watched a replay of Jobe being chaired off… with the crowd loudly chanting ‘We Are Essendon…’ Sent shivers down my back! Love that chant… Great send off.


Fantastic game today. Zach had a blinder but watson helped him do it. Outstanding hands today. I think announcing his retirement has released a burden off his shoulders.


I ■■■■■■■ love Jobe!!!
I just ■■■■■■ love that [email protected]!!!


Taken the dictionary definition of leader to a new high benchmark for all mankind.


As much as I loved seeing him chaired off it felt a little weird.

He is playing the next game right?
If we win the next game we would play in Melbourne the week after. So are we expecting to lose the first final.

Strange message.


Not at all… It was the last game he will play in front of a Home crowd. It was a brilliant send off. No hidden message there.


Week off will do him wonders, he’ll carve it up.


Everyone stood and no one wanted to leave at the end.


Sleeping in my Jobe #4 t-shirt tonight


Sleeping in my Jobe mask tonight, hoping Mrs Fox will think it is Jobe and I will get lucky.


That was kinda my thinking.


Get her to wear one too. Then you’ll both get lucky.