Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


Then get Sheeds involved with his mask?


Got a handful of Jobe masks today, … will be sleeping with them all bluetacked to the ceiling mirror …


Thought he was really good today


Would just like to say that I love this man.


How good was it to see his weapons back and effective at AFL level. He was vital to our couple of bursts that effectively won us the game. A week off and then a heavy stoppage game against Sydney may suit him perfectly.

We’ll never know, but if Jobe was willing I’d absolutely take the risk of him playing in 2018. I have an unprovable theory that the midfield players need a 2nd preseason to get back onto the Afl pace.

Anyway, I doubt we’ve ever had a better man at our footy club. Pivotal to the finals push in the end. You cannot over-rate this feller.


I reckon you could see a completely different look on his face yesterday right in the few minutes, his look and demeanour were completely different to how he has looked all year


Maybe Woosha snuck some vitamised porterhouse into his vegan smoothies?


Well there was a lot at stake yesterday


And he was back towards medallion winning form.


Hopefully we give him the chop before he lines up against Sydney.


His former team mate Angus was very pleased for him.


Back him for multiple sausage-rolls.


A few years back when he played at Sydney, I do remember Jed Lamb getting carved up by Watson.


I think Jobe should eat meat.


Ve gan a bit too far with the meat jokes. Vegan-a stop now, ok?


I’ll suffer the replay just to watch Jobe I think. So good.


Fark off Jar-Jar.


The difference with yesterday’s game to his output previous weeks was Watson being emotionally invested in that game. As he described after the game, the moment didn’t hit him until he was walking up the race with family in attendance. And the way he talked about the group making finals seemed to leave an impression on him as well.

With this in mind, I’m hoping Watson’s rediscovered his passion for the contest, at least for the finals series



Zsa Zsa?