Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


Oh I get it now because he’s from Star Wars and so is an ewok. And Jar-Jar sounds like Zsa Zsa who speaks like how SFE was spelling his post. I see I see. Good job.


Also, read “Ve gan a bit too far with the meat jokes. Vegan-a stop now, ok?” in the Binks voice.

Don’t thank me later.


Can I thank you now?




Instead of saying “don’t thank me later” you should have said “don’t thank me ever”.


If he is that clean, and racks up similar numbers against the Swans we are half a chance.
Limit Kennedy and we’re just about there.

If Raz n Tippa cut loose, well then fark me I’d have a sem-i into the semis.




Now NueBlitz is preying on body image issues?

For shame, Rolo.


dingus looks like Jar Jar.


Ya mum looks like Jar-Jar


I’m offended. I have a mum.


I’m offended. I get offended. You don’t get to be offended. It’s offensive.



Well aren’t you a good SJW getting offended about everything.


Post reported.


Was the Jobe of old yesterday.

Feed that man some meat he can go back to being a vegan when he’s finished.



Made that my phone background last night


Heppell, Myers and Colyer will still be around to prove or disprove that theory


Not normally a Footy Classified viewer, Jobe was on tonight’s show.