Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


fans do too.


Bye bye Jobe, it’s certainly been a ride!


Thanks for everything jobe



Thank you.


Thanks Jobe


Thanks Jobe.


Games past him by, if only we could have played the 2013 finals series might have got the monkey off our back.

Think of jobe - makes me hate afl/asada for taking his brownlow.

Of only we could go back to 2012 with bomber and hirdy and telll themto steer clear of dank and the weapon.


Thanks Jobe you poor bugger


When we were nearly down and out you stood up and took all the heat and criticism.

Did so proudly for a club when expectation could’ve been too much to bare.

Thank you Jobe. Sorry we couldn’t get you a flag.


Love you Jobe


Thanks champion, you’ve given so much it’s invaluable


Those dirty cants on Ch7 went to the news before he was chaired off. Arseholes


True champion who was terrific in the first quarter, go out with your head held high, and enjoy the rest of your life.



It’s a mark of respect how badly you get sent off at Essendon



Poor bloke deserved way better.

All the best Jobe in you life after footy you will always be a brownlow medallist in my eyes and a legend of the EFC.


Thanks Jobey. You’ve been a man among men.

Seeya latte’ mate.


My kids were more upset for Jobe’s career ending than losing.
Will miss Jobe-watching games. Will miss watching Jobe will himself to try another contest. Getting up from under a pile of six players. Stretching the extra 20cm to poke the ball to advantage even knowing he’d be taking the hit full- on. making time stand still. Leading.
There’ll be more talented players to don the sash, but no one can put him to shame in squeezing out every last drop of the lemon.
Gd bless. Maybe my (grand/)kids will one day enjoy another Watson jumping over players or ripping out of the pack at the MCG…


Credit to the Sydney fans for the send off they gave Jobe and Kelly.