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A very heartfelt farewell from BJ.

Brendon Goddard pays tribute to retiring Essendon champ Jobe Watson as Bombers bow out
Brendon Goddard, Herald Sun
September 9, 2017 7:24pm
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Jobe Watson will wake on Sunday having finished his football career.

It’s sad because when you lose a quality individual, an Essendon person and a good mate from your footy club it is always tough.

But the overwhelming feeling is that I’m really happy for Jobe. He gets to leave the game on his terms.

He returned to Essendon with a clean slate and although I’m pretty sure he didn’t envisage this would be his last year, one of his goals was to leave the club in a better place than when he returned. He’s done that.

Jobe and I have known each other since we were teenagers. He went to Xavier and I was a boarder at Caulfield Grammar, we played against each other and we also played together in representative teams.

I actually used to see him on weekends, too, because I used to stay at a close friend’s house on weekends — when I checked out of the boarding house — and they happened to live two doors down from the Watson’s family home in Sandringham.

I actually became good friends with Jobe’s younger sister Billie, who used to spend a lot of time with my friends’ youngest daughter and their son.

But back to footy. Although Jobe wasn’t blessed with natural athleticism as a junior, he was so clean with the ball, smart and was an accumulator of the football.

Back then, you could see the makings of a pretty good player.

I had a first hand look at how good of a player he had become when the Saints played the Bombers in Round 3, 2011.

Once were rivals … Brendon Goddard tried to negate Jobe Watson when St Kilda played Essendon early in 2011.
We had spent some time preparing our plans to nullify his influence around stoppages and on the game.

All of the Saints midfielders spent time on him that day, myself included, with no luck.

He was the difference in the end with the Bombers winning by 52 points.

We became teammates at Essendon at the end of 2012.

I made the final decision to leave St Kilda for Essendon about a week after Jobe won the Brownlow, so just before that October 1 free agency period, and I saw Jobe out at a popular night spot, Seven nightclub — coincidentally the same place we used to hang out with all the private school boys and girls when we were 18 and 19.

I went up to him and said G’day and he asked: “What’s your decision, are you in?”

I said: “I’m in, I’m coming to Essendon.”

So we had a little man love moment and got on with the rest of the night — he was there still celebrating his Brownlow win with some of his teammates, soon to be my teammates.

At that time I knew Jobe as an outstanding player, but I didn’t know many details or his traits as a captain.

Soon after arriving I could see why he was held in such high regard, but also still developing and improving in some areas as captain.

As good as a leader he was, he could be a little bit aloof at times, he liked to escape the football club bubble as much as he could.

As time went on, I think he realised how much he was influencing everyone around him and that encouraged him to continually help others improve.

Another thing is that like all great leaders and great players I’ve seen or played with, Jobe had the ability to identify situations whether good or bad — in games or at training — and then have the knowledge and know-how to do something about it, often doing something special.

It was a shattering day just before his 200th game in 2015 when I saw him totally defeated for the first time. I think the weight of the ongoing problems at Essendon had finally caught up with him. In a game in which we were meant to be celebrating the achievements of a truly great Essendon person, it was any thing but a celebration.

Being such an influential leader, we feed off every word Jobe spoke.

He would give a pre-game speech just prior to running out for the last time before the first bounce.

Through those speeches you could get a real sense of how Jobe was feeling on that particular day, and 99 per cent of the time he was up and about.

On this particular day, against St Kilda, I’ve never seen or heard a man more mentally defeated and exhausted. He wanted to be anywhere else but at that footy ground that day.

It was soul destroying, to see our leader, captain and friend so broken and shattered.

I’m on record saying it’s the worst game I’ve ever played. We lost by 100 points and we gave up, I gave up. We were all defeated before a ball had been bounced.

To be able to come back from that position and steer the club through the mud (Jobe’s words) is a true reflection of Jobe’s integrity and substance as a man.

Xavier Campbell said that without Jobe the club would have been rudderless. He was right. Jobe was our pillar of strength. Doing all this while being the face of the entire Essendon saga.

I spoke to him throughout the whole season last year while he was making the most of his year off.

He always offered his help if I needed it. I knew he was always there for me and the team.

He followed us very closely, which I felt was a great sign and a reflection of how important the team and club was to him, even with all the speculation about his future and if he would return or not.

I didn’t ask him directly if he was coming back this year. I felt if he wanted to tell me he would. But make no mistake, we were all holding our breath.

It was important for the players as much as the footy club that he came back. We were all relieved when he informed us he would return for the 2017 season.

Throughout this year, Jobe has never been more invested in the footy club and the team. I’ve never seen him do more work with the younger guys, helping them fast track their games and their careers.

Even with all the question marks over his head on whether he was going to play on or retire and his struggles with injuries and form, he has driven our game plan, our standards, our culture.

I think he’s been able to do that without having the responsibility of being captain.

I’m not entirely sure what is next for Jobe.

He is a deep thinker, a lateral thinker and I know he is excited about experiencing life without football.

He is looking forward to having a break and enjoying all the things that we often sacrifice being professional athletes.

I think he’ll be involved in footy in some sense, whether that be in the media or something, but I don’t see him coaching. And I think his days of being a barista are over.

Maybe he’ll be an explorer, traveller, a blogger. Lets face it, you were never sure where he would pop up next, and I expect nothing will change in the next chapter of his life.

Who knew the guy I met as a teenager, who blossomed into a tremendous player, a great person and leader of men — the man we call Whispy, The Wizard and JJ — would be a lifelong friend.

We will all miss ya, mate.



The face says it all.
SCG 3/4 Time.

Taken by M Wilson


Please take that down.

That’s torture to observe


True warrior


Please don’t. l find this an exceptional picture of Jobe.


Jobe was seen shopping at South Melbourne Market, reported by the Butchers at Ralph’s who are Bomber supporters that they made sure he got the best cuts of MEAT!!!


That dog of his must eat like a king.


Just watched Jobe on the Front Bar. Now I haven’t seen much of the show this year but apparently Judd had been a regular. Well he was on as well as Jobe tonight, but ■■■■ me - Jobe just kills this guy for media appeal.



Was Jobe officially engaged before last night, because that sounded either like an announcement or a proposal.

RUOK, @Koala?


I’ll be offering my celebrant services. If I can’t marry him, i can… marry him?! :stuck_out_tongue:


“…and do you, Jobe-wan, take this clearly inferior bint to be your substitute for someone who HAS TRULY LOVED YOU YOUR WHOLE FARKING LIFE”?


That speech last night was just class. He’s close to the best person to ever be associated with our club, He’s part of the upper echelon of humanity and we are better for being guided by him.


Just watched his speech. Wow, he looked so relaxed and happy, looked about 10 years younger. Good for him. What an absolute champ.


Btw does anyone know if his Mrs is quick



Interesting to consider, no Saga, no Virginia …

Just goes to prove, you never know what is ultimately a good thing or a bad thing in life.

Perhaps it is just what you make of it.

It sounds like he made the worst pre-game speech of all time into a life changing philosophy for himself.


Did he shave that neck beard thing he’s had going on?


Oops, maybe we are jumping the gun …

Jobe Watson’s declaration of love to girlfriend Virginia Slaghekke not an engagement announcement

Herald Sun
October 6, 2017 4:34pm
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RETIRING Essendon great Jobe Watson swooned about his love for model girlfriend Virginia Slaghekke in his gushing retirement speech at the club’s best and fairest last night, but wedding bells aren’t sounding yet.

Slaghekke’s Melbourne modelling agent and manager, Matthew Anderson, from Chadwick Models, denied that the pair are already engaged, but said the couple are enjoying each other’s company since Watson’s retirement from AFL.

“I can confirm they are not engaged, but they are very happy together and are looking forward to an overseas trip together soon,” Anderson said.

Watson, who approached Slaghekke in a New York cafe last year, was glowing in his speech in Melbourne last night.

“Virginia I would like to thank you for everything that you have shown me in life,” he said.

“For the experiences that we have had. I am so thankful I have been able to show you what 15 years of my life has been about.
Jobe Watson leaves the field after playing his last AFL match. Picture: Matt King.

“To be able to share my last year of football with you and to know I am going to share the rest of my life with you is what I really am so excited about.

“To you, I love you and thank you very much.”
Virginia Slaghekke smiles as Jobe Watson declares his love. Picture: Bomber TV
Jobe Watson declares his love for girlfriend at Essendon Best and Fairest. Picture: Bomber TV

The speech was met with cheers and applause from the crowd.

The room was in awe, as Watson retold the story of how they met and their first date at a Brooklyn bar.

“I saw an attractive girl sitting across the table from me and I thought: ‘I could go home and leave the cafe right now or I could write my number on a napkin and give it to her’,” he said.

“I chased her out of the cafe and tapped her on the shoulder and said ‘My name’s Jobe and here’s my number’.

“Six weeks later she called me back and asked if I’d go out on a date.”

Watson joked Slaghekke thought he was unemployed when they first met.

“Three hours into the date she asked me what I did, and I was very coy about what I did and she thought I was unemployed,” he said.

During the 12-minute speech Watson also thanked his Essendon team mates, who went through the club’s drug scandal in 2012.

“You can build really strong foundations of a football club with the people who are here now with this football club,” he said.

“Particularly the guys who were there in 2012 and who went through what we went through and the bond that we have, it’s a lifetime bond of a shared experience that everyone has come out stronger from and the lessons people have been able to learn and the kind of character people have gained and the type of people that those guys are.

“It will always be a very special bond that I have with you guys. I will always be there for any of you and we will always be friends.”

Watson admitted he would be “difficult to be around sometimes”.

“I’m sure I was a pain in the ■■■ when I was young, I know I was a pain in the ■■■ when I was old,” he said.

“I never won a trainer’s award but I know I’m not too bad a bloke.

“I can be grumpy, but I like to have a laugh. I like to see the lighter side of life. I have hopefully be able to contribute in a positive way to other people’s career.”
Jobe Watson also thanked the club and his fans for their support throughout his career. Picture: Bomber TV

He recounted walking into the club well before he was old enough to remember much.

“I was taken in, carried in, the football club played such a huge part of my life and I have such fond memories growing up around the football club,” Watson said.

“That was what life was for me — It was going to the footy, watching dad play, going down to the rooms and being part of this football culture.

“I look back on now and think how fortunate it was for a young boy to spend his youth growing up around a football club.”

Watson said he enjoyed coming back to see the development in the younger players this season.

“I am really envious that I am not 24-years-old and I could have grown with this group, because I can see the talent and the quality of people this year,” he said.

He also took a moment to thank the fans who have supported him throughout his career.


Anyone see the video interview of jobe and his gf at the Crichon medal?
No wonder why he went vegan and destroyed his body for his girlfriend. His girlfriend is banging. I’d do the same.