Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


Buckley is more well liked by Essendon fans than his own clubs fans


Thanks for posting this up, @sj_2150

There is a part 2 as well.

It is great to see Jobe looking relaxed and hear that his biggest stressors now are deciding what he wants to do next. He is opening a gym, in NY, in the new year, and he has a beautiful, highly intelligent, young lady friend that he appears to be totally smitten with.

He deserves all the happiness in the world.

He will always be the 2012 Brownlow Medalist to me. The AFL and those other two blokes can GAGF.


And one day will be reinstalled as such.


Nope still remember his interview on Footy Classified mid 2013, height of the saga. Was asked if he knew what supplements his players were being given, responded that he had no idea but they were all powders and pill (because you know they couldn’t contain banned substances) but if his players were being injected he would go out of his way to make sure he knew exactly what they were being injected with.

Clearly inference was Hird failed his players and he wouldn’t.

■■■■ Buckley the Filth ■■■■■■■, don’t be blinded by the excellent job he is doing of destroying Malthouse’s good work from the inside.

Of course he might be a good bloke, but he certainly did not have Hird’s back during the saga.


If that was enough for you to turn your back on someone and label them as “filth” then I couldn’t imagine there would be too many people left that you’d respect associated with football.


yeah, he should have just openly stated his complete ignorance on national media and leave himself totally exposed


Well that’s exactly what he did. He said he had no idea what his players were being given, but for some reason if they were being injected he would go out of his way to find out.

Does he go out of his way to figure out what is in the pain killing injections his players are loaded with every season, doubt it.

Don’t remember coaches such as Bomber Thompson (when at Geelong), Clarko, Dimma getting ripped in the media when they have had players who have discussed in the media being administered numerous injections for different injuries, are we to believe those coaches all knew exactly was being administered to their players when it happened. Of course not it would be ridiculous to expect them to.

It was not only Buckley, but Eade in 2013 when he was Director of Coaching at Collingwood, who also stated he had no idea what the players were being given.

So why was Hird expected to, and why are we giving Buckley for backing Hird, when he didn’t he had the chance to, he had the chance to say it is ridiculous to expect coaches to be completely across their club supplement and injection regimes, but he didn’t. He played the AFL’s line of injections equally something dangerous, unethical and suspicious.

I don’t mind Buckley, just don’t tell me he ■■■■■■■ backed Hird. The AFL Coaches Association and all other 17 Senior Coaches knew Hird was being scapegoated and they let it happened.


Filth was pretty harsh and unfair and not actually what I believe.

I suppose he was more even than someone like Clarko, but still find it ridiculous to suggest he backed Hird.




Ted Richards speaks with Jobe Watson about property, bitcoin, making coffees in New York and his new career post Essendon and AFL.


Does anyone know if Jobe is in NY or Melbourne in the near future? Sydney Bomber fans travelling to NY for the April Holidays, and my 11 year old would love nothing more than to visit a cafe or the site of the new Gym, and tell his hero how much he has inspired him.


on a podcast hosted by @CJohns xavier said he asked for tix to the game.


Was at the game tonight :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure I saw him. He was dishing off a few handballs into space in the middle of the ground. Looked trim too


And had a glorious tan.


I hope he didn’t have to ask for a ticket for himself. The club should have a gold plated one that never expires especially for him.


Qualifies as a life member but they only award them at the AGM


Thanks, Catherine and others. Wish we could have been there, too. We screamed the house down from Sydney - what a game!!! Bit sad that it looks like we won’t see the great man in NY, but we’ll drop in to one of the “Hole in the Wall” cafes anyway. I was already thinking that even if he was living over there, he’d probably come back for ANZAC day. We’ll have to find some obscure sports bar to watch it!




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