Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


preferable than by mail


Future captain: AFLW or AFL. Everyone is a winner.

Best wishes to Jobe and partner.


Really happy for Jobe starting his own chain of cafes in the US,has a job in real esate he’s probably loving life atm


Building towards the AFL(W)’s best looking midfield in 2037.


Does anyone know what Virginia’s 20m sprint time is?


Grandpa Watson too!


He is already a grandpa…


Day brightening news

How good is it to know Jobe will go on to live a happy life now free of the afl boys club. Hope he stays away from footy for a bit and enjoys it


Not as fast as Jobe’s, it would appear


Jobe and Sean "Not a " Wellman talk.

I miss Jobe, quality bloke great player.


the wait between timmy and jobe wasnt too long.

the efc feels a little bit empty without a watson.

good stuff. i hope its a boy, takes on grandpas 32 and destroys it in 15 1/2 yrs time. :wink:


2012 Brownlow Medalist and a top bloke

F#ck u Vlad and f#ck u McDckSht

Miss him so much

Love ya Jobe


best photo


His genes didn’t mix too well with Virginia’s, did they?


To Jobe and Virginia “Congratubabylations!!!” from all of us on BBlitz.


Langford is playing for the bulldogs next year, confirmed.


They had the baby?

…was it a boy?


Just a heads up- last week Mick Molloy mentioned that Jobe would be their special guest on The Front Bar this Thursday. Great show- plenty of laughs.


I hope Jobe’s offspring take the number 8.
Make a name for themselves in their own number.
Also 4 x 8 = 32.


You think about this stuff way too much.