Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!



Also former Brownlow medallist


Also Brownlow medallist.


I’m afraid not even an appearance from Jobe could get me to watch or listen to Andy Maher.




Jobe is more important than Andy who says very little- show really revolves around Mick- Sam is funny also. I reckon it’s the best ‘footy’ show by far. Jobe’s great character & dignity continues to amaze me.


Closest the pin - how long from the start of the interview will Maher ask his first sanctimonious Saga question? I’m saying - six seconds


Killing it on the current series of survivor is jobe.


Bill Brownless on SEN hrs ago reporting that Jobe’s partner, Virginia has delivered a baby girl today.

No confirmation as yet though.


Congratulations but also boo


Is @Johnny_Mac05 Jobe?? :slight_smile:


Hope it’s correct…

(probably just me, an omen, a child born to Jobe and partner on Brownlow medal day/night :slightly_smiling_face:)




Can confirm that’s a hard no. My daughter was born late Saturday night.



AFL to grant joint custody to Sam Mitchell and Trent Cotchin




That is brilliant. (The joke foremost, but also the birth)


Goes to prove Jobe is the real winner on Brownlow night.


FFS. 15 Years of MEDIOCRITY and now this. FFS.