Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


i prefer giniper


Oh yep sure. So the fact that the middle name is a brand of gin and the first name is the thing that’s used to flavour gin are totally unrelated. Righteo


Ladies and gentlemen, the lawyer.


I’m far far more sarcastic in court believe me


Juniper has been a name for centuries


Have to tell us when you are courting so we came come and watch.


Honestly that’s a fkg ridiculous name. He’s a different kinda cat is Jobe.







Welcome to the world Apple Juice Watson

What? No no no we never even considered that apple was a form of juice, what an amazing coincidence


you think someone named jobe is gonna call their kid sarah?


I wonder if SMJ throws in puns?


at least in court someone can get thrown out for contempt.


What’s wrong with him naming the kid after one of his teammates mum?


Timmy just said that she was born on Fri morning. Congrats to all.


WOB, you and me, we belong to a different century.
Get used to those who follow being increasingly incomprehensible.


She will be ready to play by the time the AFL let us have an AFLW team.


Will still be able to kick further than Sam Mitchell.


What a ridiculous name.

But congratulations to Jobe and partner


I think Juniper is a lovely name, can’t u/stand the BS over it.

Jupiter??, … well that might be another story.


You told these people to eat my juniper berries!