Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


I reckon an Essendon player could name their kid Adolf Hitler and BSD would find a way to defend it


and Goddard was taken to task over his pointing, doesn’t compare to Hitler’s


Having both first and 2nd names aligned to gin is something we’d expect Joffa to do.

I’m all for different names but you’d hope there’s a deeper meaning for the 2 parents.

My 3rd boy is due any day now.
Although his Nonno is Guiseppe who has a bronze medallion I’m not about to name him Pepi Tides


Juniper. Mommy, mommy, buy me a license plate!

Mother: No. Come along, Juniper

Juniper 2: Are you talking to me?

Mother: No. My daughter is also named Juniper.


I remember when Timmy’s kids were born and all of their names were considered a bit out there at the time. The Watson clan are all cut from a slightly diff cloth.


I thought the girls’ names were all relatively standard. Tess was one…struggling with the others for the moment.


Billie was one as well.


Tess, Billie and Grace. Jobe’s the only really out there one although Billie as a girl’s name wasn’t really common 30 years ago.


Juniper’s a beautiful name. Ten years ago my wife and I opened a hairdressing salon and called it Juniper Salon. Rolls off the tongue. Junie for short.


I’m just imagining a group of West Coast fans at the end of the bed, booing as the baby emerged.


Dean Margetts “Contact below the knees”


Incorrect disposal


Nine months counts as prior opportunity.

The annoying thing is that when other teams’ players go head-first they get a free for it.


Margetts to midwife:

“Not 15! Play on”!


“Free kick Hawthorn. “

Just because…


Apparently Cotchin and Mitchell have applied for joint custody


little juniper struggling to breast feed, but after a boxing session with greg williams is dominating.



Nope .


You think Jobe chose the name??


Hmmm…Jupiter, you say?
Has a nice ring to it.
Though Saturn has an even better one.