Former #4 Jobe Watson - PAPA!


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In an article in todays Sun about Selwood quotes his large number of clearances over the 2008 to 2018 period. Naturally shows has been a damn good player.


In terms of clearance numbers Jobe is 5th.
I guess we should correct this, based on the number of games played, and run it from 2008 to 2015. Jobe did not play in 2016 ( as we know) so its not a fair comparison.
Selwood played in many finals over that period compared with Jobe, so it seems fair to compare averages per game in the H&A games only.

Results, 2008-2015 inclusive, Selwood 5.54 , Jobe 5.48 clearances per game.

Both damn fine clearance players. Both club captains, But its not really fair to compare players clearance records on the basis of totals .

As a matter of interest, Gary Ablett averaged 6.03 clearances per game over the same period.


I’m sure half of Duckwoods clearances are from free kicks


good a place as any to post

The great debut

Scott Cummings v Sydney at the MCG, round 14, 1994

Stats overview : 10 kicks, eight marks and eight goals

Only three players in AFL/VFL history have kicked more goals on debut than Cummings, whose eight-goal haul for the Bombers powered the club to a win over the Swans in 1994. It was a brilliant display from the strong and long-kicking full forward, and he went on to boot 32 goals in 10 games in his maiden season for Essendon at the top level. In an era of the game blessed with star key forwards across the competition, the Bombers looked to have uncovered another.

Career from here? Essendon was the first of four clubs Cummings played for during his career, with his best season coming for West Coast in 1999 when he booted 95 goals to win the Coleman Medal.

The false start

Jobe Watson v Geelong at Docklands Stadium (now Marvel Stadium) round 13, 2003

Stats overview : Two handballs, zero kicks, two tackles

There was plenty of hype ahead of Watson’s debut game, given the Bombers were keen to blood the son of former great and three-time premiership star Tim. The clash with the Cats came on a Friday night, and although the cameras were regularly focused on Watson, they didn’t capture too much action with Watson collecting just the two handballs. Essendon won comfortably so Watson ended the game with a big grin, but his first game wasn’t a sign of how his career would develop.

Career from here? Watson became one of the premier ball-winners in the competition, captaining Essendon and winning three best and fairests. - Callum Twomey

Jobe Watson, before his debut in 2003, poses in front of a mural of his famous father Tim. Picture: AFL Photos




Cummings was also one of the few players to debut with a big “YourNameHere Fan Club” banner in the crowd.


Just spent half an hour watching Jobe highlights and it suddenly makes sense why in 2019 senior players like hepp, zaharakis and zerrett just stand around waiting for some huge force of nature to grab the ball and create a play with it

Jobe was half a step slower than his opponents but he was 3 steps ahead on his first step and he claimed the ball as his own every time he went for it

We haven’t had a player like this since him and I think Hepp has been trying his bestest to fill the shoes but he doesn’t have Jobe’s vision, footy intelligence or clean hands, although he has obviously inherited Hird’s tenacity so not all is lost.


jobe should be our next head coach.
with goddard as an assistant.


Jobe is a wise man. I doubt that will ever happen.


He looks unbelievably happy outside of footy. i would not wish that upon him. Run Jobe, Run as far as you can (but come visit the club every now and then)


Does he still have his hair? I wonder if he is taking medication to keep it


God i miss watson. Holy crap. Feel like crying. Never realised he was so good;


literally there is NO player on our list that even comes close to this


So good. Man, he was a brute around the contest wasn’t he.




Feels boys.


And he has patience


Bit off topic but after watching a few watson videos i came across this video from 2015

some of our tackling and pressure is great here , why did we get rid of all our hard nosed tackle players? Melksham hibbered howlett etc?


Killed 30 minutes watching Tim Watson highlights then the highlights of West Coast booing of Jobe came on.

Does anyone have the technical capability to work our every supporter in the crowd who booed him as hard as they did that night so I can find them and kick them in the nuts. We forget how much that beautiful man and his family went through.

On a side note you know you’re officially old when Tim Watson’s son has been retired out of the game for a few years.


Will be the first father - Son to go down the MND slide - what a champion.