Former #42 Massimo D'Ambrosio

Perhaps quantity =/= quality.

It certainly isn’t.

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Fair enough, looks like you can’t say more.

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What’s our depth in running defenders right now?

Nick Hind. 29yo.
anyone else?

Unless Alwyn is moving back there? I mean that could actually work.

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That was precisely my point. Richmond saw something that Essendon didn’t and he ended up a three time premiership player, arguably should have won a Norm Smith.


Even with Mass there, the answer was still only Nick Hind because Mass couldn’t defend.

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Does anyone else think Alwyn could work really well in that spot? The more that I think about it, he has the attributes

Id be extremely worried about the physical/actual defensive side. It may be something he can develop.

He was pretty good as a defensive pressure player before he got tired. But it’s a big maybe as a lock down defender.

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I don’t care what you young bucks say, liking that tweet or what ever it was is weird.


Nice 26 disposals, 17 kicks and 4 inside 50’s

He will torch us round 1


We are seriously so ■■■■■■■ stupid for letting him go.

Speed and a good kick from defence, exactly what we lack.
Dont care that he wasnt the best 1on1 defender.


Wouldve struggled to get in our best 22 and not great defensively so im not too upset


Could have left Martin on a wing and had Mass play his “new” position.
Certainly isn’t any worse at the defending side.

Would have struggled to get in the team with our arsenal of quick rebounding defenders.

It was his first 20 games of Afl footy,
I thought his strengths very heavily outweighed his deficiencies especially considering we lack foot skills.

Mcgrath could play lock down small while Mass kicks the ball out.


Would arguably be the best kick in our team, what a fk up.

I’m a Massimo fan and I still rate him and wished we kept him because he is a brilliant kick of the footy and we have so few of those but I can’t agree at all that he is quick. If he was, he’d be unreal. I think possessing average leg speed is actually something that holds him back a bit.


comedy club strikes once again

He asked to be traded right?

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