Former #42 Massimo D'Ambrosio

We love a story where Essendon poaches a player and then they step up in our environment. It’s a two way street, the enemy always has a say in the battle.

It’s the game, you don’t win all of them. I think we came out of the trade period far far far in front, there’s no need to get too stressed about a single player.


this is in the mass thread

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That’s a false equivalency. You’re comparing some players we cut vs those traded in, and then comparing others who left versus players we traded in who had nothing to do with trades. You’re also conveniently ignoring Duursma’s injury history.

He was defensively awful in that game and cost the team four or five goals through poor defending.


Josh isn’t overrated. He’s clearly not as good as Nick, but he’d be in the top half-dozen wingers in the comp.


It’s a clear win for Hawthorn, because Mass is playing.

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Gavin Wanganeen says hi

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This game is there with X apologising for his tweet and Neagle playing on against Geelong.

Good planning by the Hawks.
They saw a position for him, trained him for it, and are reaping the benefits.

I think he does suit their team better though.
Their mids are pretty big units, so they can go smaller on the Wings and the overall balance looks right.

We are the opposite.
The majority of ours are 6ft or under, so we prefer to roll with taller wingers in Cox & Duursma.

I’m not sure why we didn’t play Mass on the Wing last year a little more.
Perhaps fitness ???

It’s because Brad prefers senior players.


Yeah top 6 maybe, but all Australian? I think that’s a stretch.

He and Gulden were the two standout wingmen last season. About halfway or two-thirds through the year Martin was probably edging him out but then faded away enough.

He won a Club Best & Fairest in a Premiership year. I don’t see how that translating to an All Australian blazer is incongruent?

He’s rated appropriately IMO.

P.S. I get that Nick would have won the B&F if he stayed fit but still, even if you’re runner up in a Premiership team you’re a good player.


BnF in a premiership year.

I’d have him well in the top few wingers in the comp.

Didn’t know he won the bnf, i thought he’s been poor this year when I’ve seen him, but maybe he isn’t overrated after all :sweat_smile:.

Hawthorn has a thread last I checked

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Who forced you to come in here?

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And threads could just be ignored last I checked?

The first word of the thread title is former and it’s in the non-Essendon section. How much clearer does it have to be?


Thing that pains me about Brad’s handling of mass is that he couldn’t find him a spot for 90% of last season.

Now this year he’s finding a spot for Jake Kelly on the wing and now half forward.

Mass is 8 or so years younger than Kelly and is 10 times the better player already.


I wish this thread would go away, we all know it was a bad decision by the club, let’s move on.


I think the thread would at least be shorter if that were true. No matter how obvious it is, some will still argue the club have never ever made any mistakes.