Forum Downtime - Thursday Evening 27 Feb

Hello Blitzers,

Due to some issues with our current hosting environment, we will need to move Blitz to another host. 


What, again?

Yeah, sorry. We thought that our new Host would be able to cope with Blitz but, as you may have noticed, it wasn't. But Rolo has come up with the goods, found us another new home (which is actually the same server as the old home, but our own dedicated account), and we have tested the new environment and it appears solid. 


So what now?

While we copy Blitz to its new home the site will go back to a holding page. You might actually have to do some work. After that it should be business as usual.


SHOULD? What do you mean, SHOULD?

Well, when moving stuff around like this, sometimes things go wrong, despite the best planning of the best minds. 


But, if you have important things in your DM's, like the real name of Cerberus, or Stallion's phone number, then it might be a good time to copy that information to somewhere safe. 


So what happens after the move?

Well, we will 'unlock' the forum after we are satisfied that it's working. Keep an eye on the

for information and updates while we wrestle the Internet and win!


Operation Firestorm

We want to test this new setup, so we will be asking for a favour from you guys when we are live. We will be creating a new Sub-Forum and asking you guys to make as many posts and new threads as often as you can to see if the new setup holds together. This should be Friday morning.


Why don't you just start another ASADA Thread?



Can we start another ASADA Thread?

Sigh. Banned. 


I want to help, I've even used the Internet before! Can I help?
Thanks for the kind offer, but it's OK. Rolo and I are both professionals (shush, we really are) and we have planned and discussed the work extensively. We also have access to Technical Support from both out Hosting Provider and Invision (the makers of the forum software) thanks to the generous donations from you lot.


I want to give you guys more money!

Nah, we're good. Seriously. Between your generous donations last year and our ad revenue we are covered for costs. 


Thanks Blitz, you guys rock.

It's a lot easier to do this stuff when the people you are doing it for are so great.



So you Admin types do actually do things?

And we’re back! Please report any issues in Forum Feedback