Free Agency 2015

Looking through which players are involved in FA this year looks like slim pickings. I only think there are 3 FA that I would even be interested in (assuming Danger is Gee/Ade):

Restricted Agents:
Dangerfield - Will go to Geelong or stay at Adelaide
Leuenberger - Down to a 50/50 with Sydney. I’m non-plussed either way about the big man.
Selwood - Would like, but all reports suggest it is Geelong or WCE for him next year.

Unrestricted Agents:
Adcock - Too old, do not want
Armfield - Spud
Crowley - Too old and outdated
Duffield - No thanks
Pavlich - Will retire/ play for Freo
Johnson - Too old
Kelly - Too old
Simpson - Worse than Leuy… not interested
Stokes - Would be handy at the right price
Suckling - Would be an upgrade but we aren’t in the market
Whitecross - Too many injuries, no thanks
Jamar - Spud
Firrito - Will stay at North, do not want even if he was free
McGinnity - Too slow, too injured, no thanks
Grant - How is he still on a list? Yikes.

Have I missed any? Is there any value to any of these guys?

@ JD06 Why are you confused about Leunberger?

Not fussed not non plussed

There is already a thread. Go unbury it.