Freo mini-final game day thread - 2018 round 18

No changes.

Fark Freo, 20 characters.

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% booster

Though Freo did make a change, didn’t they?

lets smash these ■■■■■■

Yeah, Sean Darcy replaced in selected side by Michael Johnson.

I never claimed to be anything but one-eyed.


Come on bombers!

Team comes out to no one. Worst crowd of our year by a long way.

rich saints game last nite I paid $50 to watch that crap

Though whoever is here is Essendon. Can’t see much purple around!

A fool and his money…just sayin’

Need to win by 114 points to pass NM on %

I just know halfway through the second when we’re down by a few goals we’ll all be going berserk. I look forward to the “why did we play Zaharakis/Colyer unfit” posts and Freo pinging goals out of their arses.


Are we related?


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So Darcy out - wasn’t he their ruck?

Guelfi warms up with the midfield, McGrath with the defenders.

Ground announcer trolling Blitz by calling #10 Aaron Francis

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Errr the announcer is going over the players - he announced Aaron Francis and Jackson Merrett. Wtf team sheet are they reading?!


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