Friday 15 March '19 Training Photos




thank you.


Walla didn’t warm up or train today


Mossie not looking as thin as I thought he would.


Ha, Tommy sits out the ruck contest and Sammy kicks him in the chest. Free kick?


@CharlieDons serves up the goods once again. Thanks again for these high quality photos


Nice to see Doc Reid up and about


Sure is!


Where’s Mozzie?


Some really good things to take out of those photos.
All up and about in the “match sim” work.

Ray Connellan is has not seen the sun for about a year.


He’s heavier than people suggests, he just needs to get better at taking hits


And dishing them out


Been watching some tac games from last year over the last month, got a great reminder of how special this kid is.


He hasn’t played any of the practice matches. Soooooo looking forward to seeing him live at any level.


Club knows their is no rush to get him to play senior football, this year should be a good learning year for him school wise and being around an elite system and being joint at the hip with Tippa will ensure he is ready when the time comes.

Seeing him buzzing around in the VFL will be fantastic not just for us but for the VFL side because he gives it a whole other dimension.


Well, apart from the fact the photos are of amazing quality, the only other thing I take out of this, is how much I dislike that white jumper.
At the very least, couldn’t the ‘sash’ be red.
(Apologies for not sticking to the thread topic)


The make up of the teams in those photos would suggest parish is going to miss Rd 1.


My thoughts too. Big Lav in though which is a good sign.


Fantastic to see Redman up and about in these very high quality photos! He looks to be physically developing into a really athletic looking type. I have loved the glimpses I’ve seen from Mase Redman - I think he is going to be a beauty off the HB line.


Anyone notice this Shiel wierdness?