Friday Quiz - General Sports Quiz

Pieced this together from various websites. 


1. Which sport is played on the largest pitch? Polo Baakkerr

2. In 1950, India withdrew from the World Cup because FIFA refused to let them do what? play barefoot kj11

3. What is the connection between Volleyball, Squash and Badminton? Clue: This connection is not shared with tennis or table tennis. You only score a point if you're actually serving Baakkerr

4. In darts, what is the lowest score that CANNOT be scored with a single dart? 23 Baakkerr

5. Which sports playing area is 2.7 metres by 1.5 metres? table tennie simmo41

6. Which sport do the Oklahoma City Thunder play? Basketball rossoneri

7. In Athletics, what is the last event of the Decathlon? 1500mtrs chess

8. What is the only sport to have been played on the surface of the moon? Golf rossoneri

9. Who was the first cricketer to achieve 10,000 runs in test cricket? Gavaskar rossoneri

10. What is the highest possible break in snooker - 147, 150, 155? 155 Smmo41

11. Who were the runners up in the Europa League Final of 2010?

12. James Naismith invented which sport? Basketball rossoneri

13. Who scored the winning goal for Romania when they beat England in the 1998 World Cup? Dan Petrescu kj11

14. What significant sporting event took place on November 22nd 2003? RWC Final simmo41

15. 8 minutes and 47.8 seconds is the fastest ever winning time for what race?

16. Which Welsh Rugby league club are based in Bridgend?

17. In 2000, Chester was relegated to the Conference, which club replaced them?

18. Who was the first British footballer to receive the Golden Boot?

19. How many Wimbledon singles titles did Martina Navratilova win? 9 Bargey

20. At which sporting venue will you find ?the Jack Hobbs Gates?? The Oval Mitch25

21. Who won the 1998 FIFA world cup? France rossoneri

22. Which footballers autobiography was entitled ?1966 and All That??

23. In which sport would you compete for the ?Air Canada Silver Broom Trophy?? Curling mitch25

24. What number is the highest Dan in Judo?

25. Ian Rush held the record for scoring most goals in the League Cup with 49. 48 with Liverpool and 1 with which other club?

26. What does the T.T. stand for in The Isle of Man T.T. races? Tourist Trophy HAP

27. How many players are there in a volleyball team? 6 mitch25

28. What is the most common suffix for English football League teams? City Baakkerr

29. Which international footballer managed HULL CITY from April 2002 till Oct 2002?

30. In which sport can the two goals be different sizes? water polo bargey

31. In which country will the 2014 football World cup be held? Brazil rossoneri

32. At which type of race do you not cross the finishing line? swimming chess

33. Who was the first British athlete to win Olympic Gold in a throwing event?

34. Which is the only horse to win the English, Scottish and Welsh Grand Nationals?

35. Which club has won the European Cup more times than it has won its domestic League championship?  notts forrest kj11

36. Which American Football team won the 2001-2002 Superbowl? Pats rossoneri

37. Which baseball player is the subject of the legendary ?Curse Of The Bambino??Babe Ruth rossoneri

38. How many yards must the attacking team gain in four downs to keep hold of the ball in American Football? 10 mitch25

39. What is the name of Miami?s American Football team? Dolphins mitch25

40. Who is said to have invented baseball in Cooperstown, New York, in 1839?

41. Which basketball team is as well known for their comedy routines as their on-court skills? Harlem Globetrotters miss ellie

42. Why was there no baseball World Series in 1994 Player Strike rossoneri

43. Which quarterback, famed for wearing the number 16, shared his name with the name of a US state? Joe Montana rossoneri

44. In which city do the ice-hockey Penguins play their home games? Pittsburgh mitch25

45. Nolan Ryan was a famous player of which American sport? Baseball rossoneri 




I'll be in meetings much of the morning will correct any answers asap. 

  1. Ball/object can’t touch the floor
  1. Brazil (how old is this quiz?)
    36. Patriots
    37. Babe Ruth
    43. Joe Montana
    45. Baseball

3. Ball/object can't touch the floor


Nope - Well not the one im looking for at least

  1. Basketball
    8. Golf
    9. Gavaskar
    10. 147

6. Basketball (NBA)

8. Golf
20. The Oval
36. New England Patriots
38. 10 yards
39. Miami Dolphins
43. Joe Montana
44. Pittsburgh
45. Baseball
EDIT: I'm so freaking terrible at knowing which question has which number. Jesus.
  1. Basketball
    21. France
    OK, ill stop now.
    Love sport quizzes
  1. Players were on strike

12. Basketball

God dammit, Ross has taken most of my answers. Agreed, sports quizzes are the only ones where I know the answers.

6. Basketball
8. Golf
9. Gavaskar
10. 147


6,8,9 Yep

10 No

23. Curling?

Correct answered updated in OP

23. Curling?


Good get mitch


23. Curling?


Good get mitch



Well I figured it was either that or Quidditch.

10. 147


41. Harlem Globetrotters 

Only 1 tennis question. I’m out.

  1. Polo
    3. You only score a point if you’re actually serving
    4. 23 (lowest prime number above 20 - 21 is a triple 7, 22 is a double 11)
    28. Will go with City (but it could equally be United)
  1. Manchester City?

27. Six are on the field, I think it's also six on the bench.