Had no idea this was even a thing until the local council erected an 18 hole course at a park near by. Just played as a family. Each member contributes in the same order. 1st through to 4th. For example, if we make it into the basket in 3x shots, the fourth member tees of on the next hole and we continue in the same descending order etc. Par on each hole was 3. We finished 49 over par. Plenty of room for improvement. As we were about to finish, this old bloke turns up with a trolley filled with different types of discs. He does a few stretches on the 1st hole, flicks through his disc collection, selcts one, gets into position and launches a missile at the basket with such precision that he finishes it of in 2x shots. This old boy was the boss. He saw us gasping over his abilities and kindly came over and gave us a few pointers. Number one being our Frisbee is sh*t and we should get proper discs. Anyone else play Frolf? It was good fun.

Is this real life?


Played social frolf indoors about 15 years ago. It’s great that it’s a thing now.

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Is this just frantasy?


I agree with old bloke. You probably also think the $2 symmetrical tourist boomerangs are the way to go.

Especially in Sydney, where every second store in the city sells them. Fark Sydney.

You’d smash the course in Woodvale.

Sounds frucking crap

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It’s better than it sounds.

Didn’t Frolf get banged up for ffondling fkids?


Friggers you mad brah.

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I first played it in 1979 but it wasn’t called frolf. We played in the evening on the Barwon Heads golf course (when all the old fogies retired to the bar) and aimed to hit the flag rather than shoot a basket. Good fun.

Sounds similar to something we used to do called Frisbee Golf.

That’s exactly what it is. FRisbee gOLF.

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Imagine you’re playing golf (which I don’t like but whevz) and some cuny hits you in the head with a frisbee? What would you do?

Happened yesterday. Jnr diggers #2 hit Jnr diggers #1 right behind the left ear. He wasn’t pleased.

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Mrs Azza and I played it in Queenstown last year. Enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

Location played a big part. Can think of a lot worse places than Queenstown gardens for a round…

Who won?

She did. I was rubbish.