From the Coach - Round 1

I cant work out how to post the “From the Coach” for round one. So would appreciate is some-one can.

However if this is the level of report we are going to be given, highly edited and with little detail, then I am not happy at all. I know John Worsfold is a quiet sort of bloke and the rest are no media stars, but I would have liked to see some passion and emotion.

And a bit more Parish and Tippa !!

Who gives a ■■■■ what they present to us. If at the end of 3 years we play ■■■■ football time for a new coach. All this media engagements from coaches and players are a waste of time.

woosh probably thinks its a bit stupid.

he’d be right.

Didnt even get the link from the club.
Seems like all the meaty content is going to come from Robert Shaw.