Full club review

I don’t think anyone here would argue that Essendon doesn’t seem to have some deep seated issues. I don’t think anyone would argue we need a deep review of our structures and systems.

Now is the time to do it. There are two senior coaches that are relatively rated, and have no jobs. Put together a three person review team. Pay them to spend a good chunk of the next 6 months lookng into the club. They should be involved with all the key processes that occur over that period - seeing how our trading, drafting, pre-season training, development systems, competitor tactics, internal tactics, rehabilitation, injury management, coaching structures and the first few games (so prep and recovery) of the 2020 season. Discuss list management approaches, show them the players salaries and contract terms. Give them a pass to go anywhere, talk to anyone, including players/coaches who have left, and for them to compile a report of where we need to improve, whats working and what isn’t. Where the club and list are at.

Pay Ross Lyon, Brad Scott and a third member $100k each for the 6 month period (working less than part time). Ross Lyon took two separate teams to Grand Finals and was assistant at Sydney when they won. He’s got the most out of both top players and mediocre players. Scott played in three premierships and took a reasonably mediocre North list to two preliminary finals.

Preferably we would have someone who has worked under Clarkson as the the third member of the review group, but I can’t think of any obvious candidate who isn’t working for a club already and so would be free. If nobody appropriate from Hawthorn is free, select a third ex-coach/player (maybe not even AFL) who has seen success, and one who is maybe a bit more offense orientated than Lyon and Scott.

For EFC $300k is bikkies. Why would either of them turn it down? They’d be free for any media activities and be free if a head coach opportunity comes along during 2020. Although it would be across 6 months, it would be nowhere near full time. And it would add to their resumes.

@Catherine_Lio, please make something like this happen!


I’ll do it myself for $80k


Brad Scott has a job with the AFL.

I’ll tell the club to get rid of Dodoro for free.

Sounds like a job for Ziggy Switkowski


Won’t happen

Lyon would want a FT job as a coach, not a director of coaching or on some panel to do a review.

In fact, I would rather Lyon as coach than in charge of a review.

Who’s game to tag Cathy Lio and get her thoughts?

Dont think two senior coaches at failed clubs are the right club to run any review.

Is Sydney or Hawthorn having these full club reviews?

I really dont think it’s necessary. The club has had enough reviews.

The dons just to need to keep on working on playing good footy…

We got smashed last night based on below par personel compared to the opposition. So we improve our personel.

And given virtually all of them are top level professionals, the improvement comes from within.

Isnt changing to Rutten and Caracella enough? We are changing up our fitness approach this off season. I mean thats where the seeds of this season started.

Round 1 this year told you we were not ready physically.

Round 24 or 1st week of the finals provided the punctuation point.


She is just 1 of 12 or so board members. She has no extra say on things and obviously can’t tell us anything on here.

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An external review should have happened 12 months ago.

I was calling for it for months.

But as per usual the same mistakes happened in 2019, as has happened the 2 years prior.

The growth rate of this club cannot be charted. They are treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry.

Didn’t know that about Brad. Bit of a waste if you’re wrong that Dodoro is the issue.

I’m sure Lyon wants a head coach role. But assuming he doesn’t get one (and us and maybe GWS seem the only ones left), why do you think he’d turn this down?

I’m also curious about the second bit. Are you saying you want Lyon as head coach? Or you don’t want him to be head coach, but don’t want him to do the review even more?

I think saying Lyon is a failed coach when he got two different teams to three Grand Finals seems pretty harsh. Winning a premiership is damn hard, and he went damn close. And defining success that way means a slightly different bounce of the ball to Milne means Lyon changes from “failed” coach to “successful” coach, right? That seems silly.

Scott also hasn’t won a premiership, but if that’s your bar the last coaches to do so who aren’t still coaching is Paul Roos, Mark Williams, Thompson, Malthouse and Leigh Matthews. Matthews and Williams have commitments. Roos might be an option, but given he trained Lyon you’re getting the same kind of view. We’ve had Thompson (and Worsfold). Do we really want Malthouse? He could be the third option.

Outside of premiership winning coaches, Scott would be the next highest level of success.

Sydney and Hawthorn haven’t had these reviews. They’ve also only missed a handful of finals in the last decade and won premierships. Richmond did have one of these reviews, and changed things, and won a premiership.

I think someone independent, with a history of success, who can criticise and not risk their job or relationships with the players is critical. So therefore I’d say Rutten and Caracella aren’t enough.



I wouldn’t mind Lyon as head coach, but there are obvious limitations with that. Just think that if Worsfold gets the ■■■■ there isn’t many options.

I think it’s almost a certainty that Rutten will get the gig.

Ross Lyon plays a awful brand of footy but gets results. He is a tough uncompromising prick too. I would love to be at the first training session with Ross in charge. Guys like Hurley,Zaka,Bellchambers would be in tears in the first 5 min


Let’s get three people who want a senior coaching role to review the club. No chance of any bias there!

In all seriousness though, I think a comprehensive external review is a great idea. Just not by people who might have a vested interest in getting a job out of it.

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I’ll do it for 50k

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I have zero confidence this Board could buy your lunch let alone conduct a review.


How hard is it we need 2 mids over 6 foot with grunt and muscle and a succession plan for Hurley and hooker fwd line looks ok if Mr D intends to stay C I did it for them took me 2 min

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