Funniest blitzer

Funny as in hilarious or funny as in odd?

Sine nomine qualifies either way, his St Francis story was the really funny one:

It's a nice day so I take a walk and who should I meet? St. Francis of Aaron, standing out on the waters of Queens Park Lake turning breadcrumbs and sardines into loaves and whole tunas, while casually peeing Cabernet Sauvignon out into empty flagons.

So I yell out “hows the quadie going there St Francis”? He replied “I’ve got the first three legs in and the forth leg is a monty at twenty to one”.

“Err, I meant how is the leg? The one that took a knock”… And with that there was a clap of thunder and a voice boomed down from the heavens, “behold ye of little faith”.

Suddenly a bright ray of light burst from the sky and lit up a secrion of the park, just behind the kiosk, where 12 blokes were kicking a football around. “Who are those dudes” I asked, somewhat blinded by the light, ala Manfred Mann.

Once again the voice boomed from above, “Behold before you unbeliever, The Twelve Collosals. There was a thirteenth, one in which the force was strong. But I farked that Judas off to a dismal Port for penance, solitude and to deal with a Koch-head”.

As the voice from above finished, one of the 12 Collosals, a big blonde bloke wearing No. 18 drilled a ball out to St Francis of Aaron who lept beautifully, intercepting the football at its highest point.

St. Francis then sent a 70 meter drop punt skimming over the water where another Collosal, a big bloke wearing No. 26 clunked the mark, short passed to a gut running No. 5 who then handballed to a little fast bloke, No. 32, who then fired a long ball to St. Francis who took a spectacular one handed grab.

St Francis then fired a duck cutter over the waters onto the chest of another of the Collosals. A bloke who they referred to as ‘Hep The Longhair’, who in turn hanballed to a bloke they called ‘Skipper". This Skipper feller sent a ball high and wide to St. Francis’ left side.

But not to worry, St Francis of Aaron padded across those waters at phenomenal speed and launched himself parallel to the surface, taking the ball in his outstretched hands in a tumbling, diving breathtaking mark.

St Francis then casaully stood up, glanced over his shoulder and scissor kicked a ball 55 meters onto the chest of the leading big lumbering Collosal wearing No. 2.

The bright light dissapeared and the voice from the clouds rumbled “have you seen enough non believer?”

“Yep”, I said turning my back.and walking away. “We still over posses the football and fark around too much”.

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Same Olds for mine. Witty. But at times, I suspect, too subtle for some.

Rocky IV. A very unique unit.

Cannot tell the difference between him being serious or crazy.

“He’s outrageous” (intoned like Bruce frothing over Cyril)

Not that he ever posts anymore, but mooooooooooooooooo was always funny.

Stallion makes me laugh more than most. don’t tell him though.

Stallion and Rocky IV

Stallion makes me laugh more than most. don't tell him though.

Funniest: Probably sameolds

Blitzer I would most love to sit next to at the footy: Stallion

Blitzer I would most love to sit next to at the footy as long as he shuts the fark up about hot chips: Stallion
Stallion makes me laugh more than most. don't tell him though.


Blitzer I would most love to sit next to at the footy as long as he shut the fark up about hot chips: Stallion

No problem with Stallion going on about hot chips - his mouth would be full of yours.

Edit: Chips, that is. (Just read that back and thought " geebus…!")

3 - Stallion
2 - Rocky IV
1 - Sameolds

Sameolds, Brem06, CaeserCod

3 - Stallion 2 - Rocky IV 1 - Sameolds

You go alright Paul

Stallion, Paul Peos, JBOMBER

Heather’s Left Foot also sadly missed.

Bomber Girl
Paul Peos
Rocky IV

Although the one post I found the actual funniest was one of YT’s: “You just get the feeling he might be indigenous, boys.” - Ling (about TIPPA). ■■■■ I laughed. That whole chain was funny but I can’t remember who started it.

Here’s the link…I think

Stallion is quite amusing. Also whoever did the Franco Cozzo/Lav photoshop did a fantastic job.
BDStratton in the time of Chappy was just amazing.