Future Expansion Dominance

I haven‘t heard much hype or talk about the Gold Coast and their progression. I think they will be top 4 next year and then they will dominate the competition. This is unprecedented territory in terms of a team receiving the luxuries that they have. They have a wealth of quality players that will go on to win flags. This wealth of list talent will see them plug holes where they appear (if they appear) with trading power like we have never seen. GWS are in the same boat but it is clear that the Gold Coast are already here and with the evidence we have will play finals this year.


This brings me back to the mighty Bombers. You can call me a troll or a defeatist if you want and I really don‘t mind but we will not win a flag in the next 5 years due to the reasons above.


I just can‘t see how we can compete with the Gold Coast and GWS. We are all but half way through the season and with the evidence we have the Gold Coast have gone past us already. No matter how hard I think about it I just can‘t see any realistic reasons how we can possibly win a flag in the next 5 years.


I want to see reasons why we might snag a flag in our perceived ‘window‘ but if the Gold Coast has already gone past us I can‘t see how this window exists. If my thoughts are possibly true then how do we go about recruiting over the next few years to look towards the end of the domination of the Gold Coast and GWS. Do we pull the trigger and start trading players like Ryder, Belly and Myers for quality 19 – 21 year old players?


If you think I'm smoking too much crack then that's cool but give me the reason why I am wrong (because I really do want to be wrong).