Gambling Ads Banned Before 8.30pm

Not before time if you ask me…apart from annoying commentators, the gambling ads were the biggest turn off to watching games (for me).

GAMBLING advertising during live AFL broadcasts on free-to-air TV, subscription TV and radio, will be banned before 8.30pm from later this month.

The new rules are being enforced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority after an announcement by the Federal Government last May.

Gambling advertising, including betting odds, will be banned from five minutes before the scheduled start of a match until five minutes after the final siren.

The ban applies to all sports coverage – not just AFL.

The restrictions come into force from March 30 – with the Good Friday blockbuster between North Melbourne and St Kilda to be the first game guaranteed to be free of betting ads.

“The new restrictions on gambling advertising supplement existing rules about gambling advertising during live sport and significantly enhance community safeguards during times when children are part of the audience,” ACMA chair Nerida O’Loughlin said.

“The new rules will also ensure that broadcasters make clear to audiences, including parents, when gambling advertising is prohibited in live sport programming.”

The new code will be closely monitored over the next 12 months.

However traditional media outlets are concerned the gambling ad ban doesn’t apply to online sports sites.

“We are concerned that similar restrictions for online platforms have not yet been put in place. In fact, the legislation that will underpin rules to be developed by the ACMA has not yet been passed by the parliament,” Commercial Radio Australia chief executive Joan Warner said.

“This creates a real risk that gambling advertising will simply be shifted online for the time, possibly some months, during which no rules apply.”


Cue rescheduling of all football games to start at 8.30pm


Call me a cynic, but I can’t help thinking that there must be a catch somewhere.

It’s a small, token start. The next step should be to ban them during all sporting broadcasts before midnight.

Do they think kids are watching Friday night footy and going to bed at quarter time?


You can bet your ar$e that all ad breaks will contain multiple betting ads after 8.30 pm to compensate. It will be at saturation point.

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Yep gonna be way more night games.

I don’t call you a cynic. I call you a smart person.

The catch is simply this. The anti gambling lobby were (rightly) asking for way way way more significant restrictions. Public opinion is with them. The gambling industry knew, given this context, that they would have to agree to something, hence they’ve agreed to a tiny restriction which still allows them to bombard children with ads from 830 till the average football broadcast finishes at 11pm. That’s still two and a half hours. And they’ve sacrificed an hour, early, when everyone is still making dinner and washing the dishes anyway.


Wtf is Brownie gonna do now, dermie???

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He will be doing what he always does, at 830 and 10 seconds:

not on that ■■■■■■■■■■’s show he won’t though.

Night games > day games

The ads earlier than 5 minutes are going to be off the charts.

They should be banned outright.

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Does this also mean from 8.30 onwards it’s just going to be a fire hose of gambling ads?

you betcha

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Should make the betting agencies spend 51% of their advertising on anti gambling.

The AFL will have to fix the length of quarters now to make sure there is an epic ad break at 8:30

It wouldn’t surprise if, say, the 2nd quarter automatically ends at 8:30 or on-screen ad’s will appear, fences will begin the horribly distracting flashing advertising, superimposed ad’s on the surface of the field will appear which makes it harder to follow the football action and the balls will be replaced with new ‘gambling is fun’ logo added.

What about at the game though? Scrolling marquees around the boundary plus odds advertising on the big screens.

I don’t mind the gambling ads, would rather sit through them than the tv channels self promotion for one of their garbage TV shows

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