Game Day Experience - Help me Ryan McKee you're our last hope

Aside from the match itself, now seriously what in the world was going on with the whole ‘game day experience’?

No snazzy light, fireworks shows before the game just some puff of smoke literally just a puff of smoke. Previous years play around with stuff in the LED around the ground. Yesterday - nothing. Wolfmother (who haven’t been relevant since Essendon last won a final) as the team runs out as the sound guy could not press the club song button, my new personal favourite - a woke trigger warning on the screen as the air raid siren is sounded. Still not sure what was going on at 1/4 time, some girl flipping cards? The flame runner guy act is getting old and lame.

I long for the days of Jennifer Lopez shaking her arse


/End grumpy old man rant

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Have an edge

I’m sure someone will say the club should focus on winning games of footy… who cares etc… but there is no reason we can’t do something unique and entertaining for our fans at the same time.

A less is more approach is always best in my opinion. It’s a pretty simple formula - introduce the players, play the club song (loud), break through a big banner and that’s it.

No popular music, pyrotechnics, or lighting effects required. And please, for the love of God, ditch the air raid siren!

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The chairs should vibrate to assist with the edging


Big banner? Go to the discotheque if you want that sort of thing. Back in my day we hung a few streamers on the race with chewing tobacco.

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I had an onion tied to my belt as was the style at the time


What do the other clubs do?

Air raid siren is the most embarrassing part. Just needs to stop.

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Wolfmother needs to ■■■■ off. There should only be one song playing as the players run out.

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Don’t ever get rid of the air raid siren

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I’ll tell you all the story about the joker and the thief in the night


Yesterday was a balls up for sure.

I did like the one min count down clock to the opening bounce with the BOMBERS chant. That was good!!

I don’t mind the Wolfmother tune but ditch it by the time the players hit the turf and crank the song as they run through the banner. It’s not too hard is it!?!?

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Our Americanised entertainment was the joke. And our team stole the win

Motörhead - Bomber


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Also, all the pregame ■■■■ isn’t designed for footy nuffs. They know footy nuffs don’t give a ■■■■ about it.

It’s for kids and people who are a bit “ehh” about footy, but want to be entertained. So I have no opinion on it. It’s not for me.


I can’t fathom why they don’t open all the gates to enable you to leave the stadium when the game’s over.

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Is anyone entertained by this ■■■■?

90% of people are just looking at their phones pre game.

They certainly did, the theft started about mid way through the second quarter and culminated in a regulation 55 metre goal by Jakey.