Game Day R3 2023 - Saints Celebrate 150 years of underachievement

It’s mean to stop raining shortly, and with >30kph winds and decent drainage the MCG should be pretty good.

Tonight could possibly tell us if we are in the hunt for a finals berth, it’s a pretty important game for us.


‘underachievement’ in the title is pretty generous for what they’ve coughed up so far

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Honestly mate, we cant go any shorter.
Only playing 1 Ruck and Ridds is our tallest in Defence.

Would be a massive risk to go shorter again, particularly as its unlikely to rain again today.

True … but we can adjust the plan. Keep it low and limit the bombs. Play in front and make sure all our crumbers and smalls are all over the loose ball. And they’ll be plenty of that on a skiddy deck.

Play in front and lead is my old fashioned mantra when its wet. You normally come out on top.

The Saints are missing key personnel in terms of their tall forward stocks (King, Membery). Looking at their named team Cordy and Caminiti are their tall forwards. We should just about get away with Lav and Riddles as the key defenders, although I agree that is undersized. Hope BZT is right next week. It also shows how critical Reid is in terms of him becoming a player for us that can hold down a key post down back.

Still more successful than us over the past 20 years by a metric fucktonne

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If Baldwin is being moved back, good chance we try Reid up forward at some point

How do you figure that? Would be poor planning to change a generational key back to the forward line because a failed forward is trying to salvage his career down back.

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No, it’s simply because Reid is a walking injury as to why he’s possibly getting a look down back. Have my doubts that Baldwin will make it as a forward at AFL level so may as well give it a try.

Biggest battle for me will be Draper versus Marshall.


Possibly, he did play forward as a kid though. And wouldn’t be the first time recently a top 10 KPD has made the swap, might even work out well if Hayes comes on

How do you only win 1 premiership in 150 years??

I mean… Fitzroy won 8. South Melbourne won 3.

They don’t even exist anymore. You could fluke another one in 150 years.

Who’s going to Sinclair, he needs to be minimised

Our forwardline looks good with Stringer in it

This line deserves more than just a like.


Saints and Ross must still be filthy at us for ending their unbeaten run in 2009 lols. Hope we ruin their party again

Not our fault Reiwoldt missed after the siren :wink:

Ross will try and flood our forwardline I can see it

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.
When we’ll be flooding outside our fifty arc.

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For reals!? If thought we’d put that in the bin.