Game Day R3 2023 - Saints Celebrate 150 years of underachievement


Saints celebrate 1 flag in 150 years, we’ve won so many we cant be bothered anymore.

Feeling a bit nervous about this one. Would love the win.

Saints have been paraded about the meeting this week - hoping they go in a bit ahead of themselves.

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Essendon’s odds have drifted out a bit since yesterday.

Lot of last minute money on the Saints?

We may witness a bit of Essington on the opening qtr, we are still developing.


settle down @choppsuey

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Yes, two immediately spring to mind

Vs Port Adelaide in 2012
Vs St.Kilda in 2013

I think that was an April fools joke


Hated that thing

Good luck, Hawks flooded our fwd line and we still kicked 19.

We’re going to fkn dismantle these flogs coached by farkin ross lyon lmao. BRING IT

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Unfortunately, the weather will most likely reduce our win from 60 points to 30 :frowning:

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They have no hope at all of beating us. No chance. We have had the wood on them for years.

Whatever happens tonight… the important stats to remember are;

H2H: Ess 144 StK 70 Draws 4
Flags: Ess 16 StK 1

Nobody on this forum, in whatever lifetime we have left, will ever see St Kilda surpass these.


Can’t wait for tonight.

I can’t see how we lose.

I’m surprisingly confident none of us will be around to see us collect wooden spoon number 27 either.


Thinking more on their whole pitch for tonights game.

They really should just own it, the whole 1 premiership thing. Focus On n some of their treats

Instead of making lame excuses.

At least you can respect that.

aints by 27 points.

Dons by 74.