Game Day Thread - 2021 Rd 1 Dons Vs Dawks - for Bruce and Ian

Down hill skiers the lot of them

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Just ■■■■. Disgraceful. Stopped running. Skill errors. Dumb football.

No surprise.


Out the back…

Over and over…

Game after game…

Year after year… …

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A 2w 20l season ahead.

This club has no heart or soul. It’s a fraud living off its past.

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WIll stick arround to listen to trucks presser.
he will be gutted.

So many poor turnovers and missed chances. This will be us all year.

Fuark I love this club

Would like to have seen Hooker moved back in the 3rd

Exactly . Poor bloke is way undersized and was on 3 blokes due to downhill skiers

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Whoever is at training please tell me we aleast do goal kicking practice???

Classic Essendon. Welcome back the fans after a year to this performance. Not to mention the upgrade your free Guernsey from last season to a framed memorabilia piece for an extra $350. Marketing FC


Selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish footballer
Was I the only one that saw him squib a hard ball in the last two minutes

Was the only thing to look forward to before the game anyway.

Wow … what a roller coaster. Reminiscent of the Knights era

That 2nd half was so bad. Beyond bad.

Feel for Jones kicking so poorly at goal. He could have won it if he kicked straight. Actually could have kicked 4+ on debut with all his shots gettable.


And he was the reason we got going in the 2nd quarter

went close, those misses hurt.