Game Day Thread - 2021 Rd 1 Dons Vs Dawks - for Bruce and Ian

I like that we’ve worked hard on our goal kicking. It’s not like it has cost us games before.

Absolute ■■■■■■■ joke that Parish attended 2 center bounces in the second half with how badly our midfield got beaten

Shiel is one of the biggest front runners Ive ever seen. Refused to run back.

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Oh well. Great 2nd quarter, rubbish afterwards. So many players slipping over, Harry Jones will be disappointed with his set shots.

Well that was ■■■■■■■ disgusting. Took about 30 minutes to definitively prove that absolutely nothing has changed. We are absolutely NOT on the right track. Burn the ■■■■■■■ place down and start again.

And play Jones in defence!!

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I’m glad we spent all summer tightening up our defence.

Down hill skiers the lot of them

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Just ■■■■. Disgraceful. Stopped running. Skill errors. Dumb football.

No surprise.


Out the back…

Over and over…

Game after game…

Year after year… …

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A 2w 20l season ahead.

This club has no heart or soul. It’s a fraud living off its past.

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WIll stick arround to listen to trucks presser.
he will be gutted.

So many poor turnovers and missed chances. This will be us all year.

Fuark I love this club

Would like to have seen Hooker moved back in the 3rd

Exactly . Poor bloke is way undersized and was on 3 blokes due to downhill skiers

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Whoever is at training please tell me we aleast do goal kicking practice???

Classic Essendon. Welcome back the fans after a year to this performance. Not to mention the upgrade your free Guernsey from last season to a framed memorabilia piece for an extra $350. Marketing FC


Selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish footballer
Was I the only one that saw him squib a hard ball in the last two minutes

Was the only thing to look forward to before the game anyway.