Game-Day Thread: Essendon v Fark North 2.0

No late changes to either side.

Langford and Gibson the subs.

C’mon you Bombers!!

Going to get raped by the umpires tonight. Always cop it against these povo ■■■■■

Fark off norf.

fly up bombers

Smash these bums

Noooo The Langford the sub.

Obviously need kids and our best senior players to stand up again.

But iff Howlett and Zaka play to their potential, and Joe show kicks straight again,we’re a chance.

Dead cat bounce last week, I reckon we will get flogged.

God damn I love this period before the game every game day.

Ashby not sub, get up son!

We will either get belted or lose by 10 points.

Joe will get plenty of the ball, and if he kicks straight, we’ll win.

We will either get belted or lose by 10 points.

Sad when the upside is still a loss

We will either get belted or lose by 10 points.

That’s the spirit

When North are on their game, I feel like they are one of our worst match ups (although I can’t really put my finger on why). Despite the respite from our current blight we had last week I still thought we were pretty poor (it’s just that this time around instead of being better than Melbourne but lacking effort and heart we were about on the same level and just ground it out), and if we aren’t much improved this week we will get flogged.

Guys: relax. My niece is coming and all of her three AFL attendances have seen Essendon beat North (two North chokes and one smashing last year). She didn’t come to the game earlier this year.

It’s in the bag.

Good smack test.

Smack the norfkeys

NOB smack

…sorry just being silly.

Hirdy off his bike this week, here’s hoping it’s on your bike/s North.

Go Bombers.