Game Day Thread Essendon V GWS from the GC... Do we even have one yet?

After watching the VFL, went to find the game day thread to see if anyone knows who is out based on Waterman leaving early and couldn’t find one. Anyone know anything about either situation?




I’d say he’s just gone as an extra emergency in case someone gets hurt in the warm-up.

Had a nightmare last night that Shiel gave himself a spiral fracture in his wrist going up for a spoil

Can’t remember if we won or not

Dons by 74.


Hello my friends!!!

Who’s excited for SUNDAY FOOTBALL?

It will be great to welcome Shiel back, I bet he’ll have a big impact! Hahaha.

I’ve got a good feeling about this one. PENCIL IT IN AS A WIN!!!

Stay safe and enjoy the game everybody.



Good to have you back FurryLog


Welcome back my root vegetable friend with whom I shouldn’t make friends.


Is it televised or not?
AFL site says 7-Mate at 6pm.
TV guide says the Olympics are screening on two channels with the 7 network with the third 7 chanel showing ‘Border Security’.

Not according to two tv guides I have looked at.

dont believe it is. AFL broadcast guide has been a bit ■■■■■■ since the fixture has changed 100 times this season

AFL broadcast guide says it’s on 7mate in Melbourne. They haven’t had another game today so that would make sense

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We were at our lowest ebb around this time last season and played them in a night game at a slippery Metricon. We were leading all night until some Jeremy Cameron magic stole it for them in the dying minutes.

The weather on the coast is perfect today (for winter). Clear, windy and no humidity. I’d like to think this will be a ‘cleaner’ game than several other games at the venue.

Don’t care about the margin, who is in and who is out… etc etc… JUST WIN!


yup, just want to win. dont really care how.


There’s no way that’s the case if he played 3 full qtrs. A qtr and I’m with you and a half at a stretch…

EDIT: IMO. In a way I hope you’re right because it means he’s not injured and first in the queue for an inclusion next week (other than Langford)

The game will probably be shown on 7Mate in Sydney, but not Melbourne, which is why it’s included in AFL broadcast guide but not your local guide.

This really could be the most important game we play this year, win this and there is a fair chance we may only need to beat Collingwood in the last round to make it to the finals.

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The afl broadcast guide says it’s on 7mate in Melbourne. And again, 7 haven’t had another game today so I would think that’s right

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Channel 7 have decided during the Olympics coverage to cease their AFL coverage on SUNDAY.

At least in Melbourne. I assumed nation wide?

It appears different tv guides have different shows listed for screening.

My tv guide on my LG smart tv is advising that the news and the Olympics are the only two things screening at 6pm on the 7 network.

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