GAME DAY thread. ESSENDON vs Irrelevant Roos

Essendon v North Melbourne
7:50pm EST

Channel 7

Fox Footy


Triple M
ABC G’stand

Interesting fact about tonights game. It’s our only Friday night home game for the year.

Smack looks great though.

As I type AMBROSE!!!


Charity free to us and we’re away!

Great start to the 3rd. A free kick wow then ambrose beat hanson to toe poke goal thru.

Go Amby

Here we come fellas

langford subbed out

Worst second game ever?

Good mark and goal by Pee tree, 18 - 8

How was that centre bounce fair?

How was that centre bounce fair?

north are down, thats how.

Watch this retard kick a bag

I cannot stand watching lindsay thomas. Up there with my most hated players

thomas holds fletch, no free, gets brushed in the head, free ■■■■ off ray.

So front on contact is ok if you play for north?

Farkin rorted again

so…we looked good for 10 mins…now normal transmission has resumed.

Interference on Ambrose?

How the ■■■■ was that not a free to Ambrose after the one they paid against Langford?

Is front on contact not a thing now?